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Reiki Session-7-16/4/2015-SWITCHWORD- “Hope&Opportunity”-Healing Financial Trauma


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Reiki Session-7- 16/4/2015

[Dedicated to people who are facing financial Trauma]

SWITCHWORD -” Hope &Opportunity.”

“Reiki heals all requests to heal financial problems……”

Money is blood and when it goes out of system- it seems like death.
This is so true- but what is truer that financial troubles brings us closer to our inner self.
This is why we feel the need for Magic and Miracle in life.
This is why we look for “opportunity” to find new sources and resources of earning money.
Isn’t that wonderful that this phase comes and goes?
The best way to heal financially tough times is to keep thinking and praying about opportunity.
More you think about opportunity-more chances you have to receive opportunity,never deny the possibility of miracle- as this is very right time for Magic and Miracle to happen in life.
You can very well afford to loose money -and its OK but you can not afford to loose HOPE.
Always remember that more you are hopeful ,more opportunities are on the way- even in direst of circumstances.

You played the game ,known as “Business” in your childhood-where you lost all the money and regained it- this situation is not different than that.

If you have faced that loss-you will face this also- no doubt about it- as 100% of people ,who face financial trauma -overcomes it at one or other point of time.
This issue will be resolved NOW or in NEAR FUTURE or in DISTANT FUTURE will depend on how much we focus upon our financial goals and how much we believe in complete healing-NOW.

Good books like MAGIC and SECRET are wonderful partners in such times. So use this time to be more powerful from inside instead of wasting time in worry and fear.

Reiki heals your life whole and complete- as we move towards last day of this free healing session- 10/4/2015 to 17/4/2015-

May you be the Bliss and Joy you desire to be..

Thank u Reiki..Thnk u Dr Usui..Thank u Sensei Dr Kumudini..Thank u all..



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