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What to do to Manifest your Desire-Free Distance Reiki Healing Session-7 to 13/5/2015


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Practice-1- To Manifest your Desire–

“How not to be upset and frustrate”-

It is so common these days to feel and declare hopeless and upset at drop of hat.
Its not OK ,even if it is an expression- as it breeds anger and frustration inside.
If we are not willing to see bliss today under present circumstances- its impossible to achieve bliss tomorrow under future circumstances.
As We are creating our tomorrow today.
It is easier to be in bliss and it take less energy than feeling hopeless now.
Every Spell and Healing works for those who are willing to improve relationship with their own self first.
This is why all the successful witches and Magicians and Mystics try to feel happy and funny always.
Intention and feel ,these are only two reasons why same spell or magic turns white or black/success or failure.
First principal of Tantra is to improve our own self by practicing happiness and than making a mechanism to attract success and favorable circumstances to achieve what we dream to manifest.
Every person who finds better soul mate and happy relationship is the one who is in fantastic harmony with her/own self.
How to achieve this harmony?
Just by doing and feeling what we love to do and what we love to feel..Having a fantastic exercise and meditation routine-
If you forget to eat once or twice its OK but never forget to sit in a corner and pray and ask for divine guidance/doing any kind of regular meditation- If you will keep on spending the day in this spirit- your circumstances or destiny is left with no other option but to attract to you-whatever circumstances/person/success you desire.
Never think of how much time it is taking to manifest- as Time is pure illusion and whatever time it is taking to manifest is completely worth it.

Love..Light and Reiki to all ……
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