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Make the most of “Break Up” and create wonderful life ahead-


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Make the most of “Break Up” and create wonderful life ahead-

OK -so there is a break up and life seems so dull.
Right now you are in depression and everything seems so dark.
Is life over?
It is just beginning.
You wish to kill me.Right?
Please note that you’ve just got a new lease of life- consider this-
1] What if same break up would have happened after 10 years from Now?
2] Are you the first person in universe-facing a break up.
3] Look at the time now you have on hand- you have all the time -you have spent in keeping the relationship alive -which is anyway dead now.Time is precious and you’ll know this soon after you start doing something that you wanted to do earlier.
4] Is there any dream about having a dream Man or Woman-? Yes-This is the right time for that.

You feel the emotional pain most when you are free-When you are not thinking or doing anything.
Is the life not worth trying new ideas and new people-as far as we know this is once in a life tie opportunity.
So take it now.
Just begin to create most wonderful relationship NOW with the person who’ll never betray you.That is YOU..
Please know that whatever has happened to you till date and will happen to you from next will depend on YOU only.
So improve your relationship with your own SELF.
Take step one- sit in a corner and watch your breath- ask for guidance -just keep asking and soon pleasant circumstances and people and signs will follow.
Then look into any meditation Technic you like-choose one and explore- every meditation practice takes you to only one destination -that is happy YOU and happy circumstances.
So take step One and in few days you will thank this opportunity-known as -“Break up.”

How to contact- “Healing Now”-

For Appointments -Session Bookings -Paid Healing-Self Healing Training with “Healing Now” Healers-

Contact No-

At Mumbai,Delhi and Vadodra– 09223297416
Contact Person- Tanmay Anirudh Dhodapkar-

Here is an invitation to all ,who are –

1] Fighting any so called incurable Disease.
2] Looking for healing in any aspect of life through Reiki,Mantra or Spell-It may be Money,Relationship.Break up-etc etc.
-This is 30 days- 30 minutes everyday personalized paid online interaction course in self healing and spell meditation- you can walk along the path of self healing to heal all material- physical and metaphysical needs for 30 minutes a day- BEING WITH A HEALER AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLINE IN THAT 30 MINUTES AND GUIDING YOU THROUGH MEDITATION -SPELL AND PRANAYAM- your online course is decided upon specific task you wish to achieve..]

Paid Trials for 3 days in “online course” and “Distance healing” – 3 students/patients a week are available on first come first and emergency basis.

Love..Light and Reiki to all- – kindly send your requests in message box of-


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