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Inviting a Soulmate..Spell-“I”


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December 2015
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[Book excerpts- ‘Inviting The Soulmate’-Author- Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]


1] Spell One – “I “

Now you are “I”.

I am the alpha and omega of our existence. Whatever we see and can’t see is extension of “I”.

When we say –“I”, we take charge of our destiny, we refuse to be led by circumstances and we clearly take control of our life.

In Sanskrit-they chant this spell as-

“Aham Bramhasmi”, which means “I am divine”.

This is the spell, when applied in life brings all the miracles beyond imagination. Word-“I “go beyond the physical boundaries of existence, beyond the eyesight.

The most scientific way to know anything is practice that theory yourself and prove it to yourself, If you are having your own experience, you need not to bother about the world, your prime target is You, You are your own world, So if you wish to become splendid, spectacular awaken the magnetic power within you.

If you want the world to love you and that particular person of your dream to love you more than anything else than absorb this spell.

Spell is-  “I”.

Just know that more you know your own self, more you are sure to attract the friends and lovers and co workers of your choice.

Just trust in the fact that whatever circumstances you are in today, surrounded

by as many people you like it or not but you have attracted them, this does not mean that you cannot change the people and circumstances, you can change it all in no time.

Your Spell to attract it all is- “I”

Tell me honestly, when was the last time you have caressed your face and told yourself-

– “Wow I love myself”

– “Wow I love you, person in the mirror”

We are inseparable, whatever we have, and we are going to share- Challenges, Circumstances, Pain and Love, yes Love.

If you want to attract something better, you yourself need to be attractive, you must have that Pull factor- which pulls everyone else to you, whether you are a man or woman,you want “that special person “ in your life and all of us have different ideas about –“that special person” but when we find that special person ,we find that there is something lacking, something you’ve not thought of, yes this is right,-

“Something that you have not thought of……….”.

Why this happens?

Answer lies in your thought itself- “Something that I’ve not thought of..”

Yes you are right than who stopped you from thinking about “that” thing at that time and now you are sad to discover that fact.

So Think Today, Think Now, what you want ,as whatever you will not think will come true, as that is what you never wanted to happen,

Think-Think and Think what you want?

More than that-

Feel-Feel-Feel what you want to feel ,as person who is going to appear will be feeling the same, one more thing and which is quickest way to attract the person is to tell yourself  and prepare yourself with all the gifts ,you wish to bestow upon him or her.

There can be a relationship of few hours and you will keep it in heart life after life and there can be a lifelong relationship which you do not want to remember anymore,

So Rule no-1 for Spell-I;-

Never insist for Time Period , let  it be one minute ,one hour ,one year or one hundred year, just want it as beautiful as it could be,

A life can be worth, just in a look, in a kiss, in a hug, so rest assured, your look will change the moment you won’t ask for commitment, your eyes will send message that will cross continents and person of your dream will fly into your life. Please know that life is not dependent on someone else but only one person and that is you.

Rule No2- No Conditions Please-

You want everyone to love you as you are, right ?

Then why is this hesitation in accepting or not accepting a person as they are. If you want to change the world around you, which you can surly change, you got to start with yourself.

The moment you stop putting If’s or butt’s in everyone you meet, you are surely going to cast a spell- that will attract the person who will love you unconditionally as you are.

The saddest part of any relationship and may be a breaking point when conditions are enclosed with relationship.

So beware of all that goes wrong in a future relationship or going wrong in present and then same thing will never be repeated against. Neither you will repulse someone nor will he or she hate to be around you.

Rule No 3 – Create that person and not try to find him/her in everyone you meet-

Do you have exact picture of what you want?

You want Body like….heart likes….mind like…..manors like…..

Actually when you want like this, you want a toy and not a living person.

If you feel like this than this is the time to let it go and ask yourself when you wake up in morning and when you go to sleep in night- What is that I want?

Don’t be in a hurry to decide about your next date specially when you take hours and months to decide which dress to wear on prom night.

Your special date is really special, there is no rule that he or she will be from same school, college, district, country or even continent.

In the amazing world of telecommunication, person sitting across continent is as close as person sitting beside you. Question is who creates ripple in you? It is amazing, how world have become closer, this has benefited businesses or politics I do  not know but this has done hell lot of good to Boy’s and Girl’s of all ages across the world ,so just do not get bogged down by the bit of a delay.

Than what is the way to bring the person, you want to appear to attract in your life?

Create, Paint, Draw, do whatever it takes you to feel that person. More you will create that person, more you will be clear about what you want and what you don’t want, just like a Girl never allows her Barbie Doll to wear anything she don’t like, same way you need to prepare your dream prince or princes in studio of your mind, be assured to create this piece of art you do not need any art classes, this art is inbuilt within you, you can not only create but you will end up manifesting the person of your dreams.

Scientists visualize magical discoveries like space shuttles in their dream and manifest them one day step by step, this is easier than that, you need not to go to any university to learn this art.

Just being open, being unconditional, being in love with yourself will flood you with all kind of friends that you have never imagined before.

The moment you will change your attitude to look at yourself whole world and people will change.

When you will not be demanding or carving for anything from anyone, whole world and its Prince and princes would like to be yours.

This is life and these are the rules of the game.

Spell- 1 is Spell- “I”…


I treat myself better, I respect myself better,first I befriend with myself and my desires than I know that effortlessly same frequencies which are compatible to my desires will be attracted to me, I may be 13 or I may be 83,whenever I am awakened to my true self ,I am in bliss and bliss attracts more bliss to me, I am now creating the people and circumstances I want around me, Yes I know I Can as I have always created my life experiences, ..”

Make this your soul anthem…write it down anywhere you can see and keep feeling it..mind it not repeating but gradually start feeling this Spell, as this spell will lead you to a wonderful life .

Every Night before you go to sleep, if open sky is assessable to you, ..feel these words and create the person or persons one by one whom you want in your life. Please note that Spell and Law of Soul Relationship is not bothered about you want one or one dozen Dates /Lovers /Blind Dates in your life. Law and Morals of Life are designed by powerful and mighty, who never followed the same but made other people feel guilty when they want one, two or two dozen lovers in their life.

Please know that your life is guided by no morals or ethics, as Law of Karma is simple- “You reap what you Sow”,,,

This means if you do anything without any ill will or without any intention to cheat or harm other person, you have no moral fear of any adverse impact of your imagination or action.

As you go to sleep, you are in perfect symphony and harmony with natural forces which attune your soul to the frequencies which are most suitable to you.

So as you dive deep into sleep ,please go with the peaceful intention of creating and attracting the right person and as you rise for the day be thankful for life and whatever you have with the prayer that today everything and everyone is just going to be fine. I repeat this spell as this is the first step to manifestation-


I treat myself better, I respect myself better, first I befriend with myself and my desires than I know that effortlessly same frequencies which are compatible to my desires will be attracted to me, I may be 13 or I may be 83,whenever I am awakened to my true self ,I am in bliss and bliss attracts more bliss to me, I am now creating the people and circumstances I want around me, Yes I know I Can as I have always created my life experiences, ..”

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