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Spell to be in Bliss beyond Loss&Profit


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December 2015
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There are only two reasons for frustration-

“Loss or Defeat”

But this is the practice to keep you in Bliss under any loss and defeat in day to day life.Whether you have lost someone or something this Spell will keep you established in your real self-that is- Bliss.

Spell to be done across your spinal chord-starting from end point of your middle body- that is Muladhar or Root Chakra and taking your  focus upward to Crown Chakra-that is the topmost point above your head-

You just need to do this –

“Feeling the energy from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra via path of spinal Chord and nothing else.”

More you do it- more you are established in bliss beyond circumstances and relationship.

First you will feel bliss and then gradually everything around you  will turn into bliss.

Very Lucky people do this and those who do this Spell regularly-receive guidance from ultimate source of divine- that is Soul.

How to contact- “Healing Now”-

For Appointments -Session Bookings -Paid Healing-Self Healing Training with “Healing Now” Healers-
Contact No-
At Mumbai,Delhi and Vadodra– +919223297416[for Indian friends-9223297416]
Contact Person- Tanmay Anirudh Dhodapkar-
Here is an invitation to all ,who are –
1] Fighting any so called incurable Disease.
2] Looking for healing in any aspect of life through Reiki,Mantra or Spell-It may be Money,Relationship.Break up-etc etc.
-This is 30 days- 30 minutes everyday personalized paid online interaction course in self healing and spell meditation- you can walk along the path of self healing to heal all material- physical and metaphysical needs for 30 minutes a day- BEING WITH A HEALER AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLINE IN THAT 30 MINUTES AND GUIDING YOU THROUGH MEDITATION -SPELL AND PRANAYAM- your online course is decided upon specific task you wish to achieve..]
Paid Trials for 3 days in “online course” and “Distance healing” – 3 students/patients a week are available on first come first and emergency basis.
Love..Light and Reiki to all- – kindly send your requests in message box of-
All Self Healing,Reiki ,Pranayam and spell books by Anirudh Dhodapkar are available on all amazon and createspace online and channel stores worldwide-

Kindly type Anirudh Dhodapkar-amazon Author page link on Google and you will be directed to all Anirudh Dhodapkar Healing and spell books-




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