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Spell to get whatever we want?


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December 2015
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more than 85% people keep complaining about -they do not find the work that they want to and forced to live unhappily ever-after.

if you are among these more than 85% -please look into following practice-

By feeling dissatisfaction for a job you do not like you are simply attracting more dissatisfaction.Please look around yourself- many people will do anything to have any job of any kind,so you are blessed to have any work.Please be blessed and be grateful for what you have-this is first and foremost important step towards achieving your dream work.

As what profession or career is your dream job today -may not be the same tomorrow- so like every great achiever your conviction in your dream job being strengthened- through learning process of another work.

Please know that every work gives bliss when done with love and affection.This is why kids throughout the life love homemaker Mom as she does most important and most underrated  job in the world-that is motherhood.

Whatever professional world rates a homemaker mother-ask her children and they’ll be keeping  their Moms contribution to top of the world.

This spell is as simple as this- bringing motherly love in your current work and accepting it as most important step in the direction of your dream job-age and qualification is no bar- most of the world leaders ,PM’S and Presidents are not officially very highly educated but they become what they are by shear passion- they dream what others don’t dare to dream -so they are rewarded- without any need to submit CV – elected directly by people of their country.

Improving our outlook towards today and keep adding one step everyday towards our goal is best spell to achieve anything we wish to achieve- doing very little things in one direction everyday  with a clear vision is one and only perfect spell-

“every second I am moving towards my Goal.”

Just keep this feeling alive and anything and everything needed will appear to you.

How to contact- “Healing Now”-

For Appointments -Session Bookings -Paid Healing-Self Healing Training with “Healing Now” Healers-

Contact No-

At Mumbai,Delhi and Vadodra– 09223297416

Contact Person- Tanmay Anirudh Dhodapkar-

Here is an invitation to all ,who are –

1] Fighting any so called incurable Disease.

2] Looking for healing in any aspect of life through Reiki,Mantra or Spell-It may be Money,Relationship.Break up-etc etc.

-This is 30 days- 30 minutes everyday personalized paid online interaction course in self healing and spell meditation- you can walk along the path of self healing to heal all material- physical and metaphysical needs for 30 minutes a day- BEING WITH A HEALER AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLINE IN THAT 30 MINUTES AND GUIDING YOU THROUGH MEDITATION -SPELL AND PRANAYAM- your online course is decided upon specific task you wish to achieve..]

Paid Trials for 3 days in “online course” and “Distance healing” – 3 students/patients a week are available on first come first and emergency basis.

Love..Light and Reiki to all- – kindly send your requests in message box of-

http://www.facebook.com/healingnowreq- ueststoanirudh

All Self Healing,Reiki ,Pranayam and spell books by Anirudh Dhodapkar are available on all amazon and createspace online and channel stores worldwide-

Link to all books is as under-

Kindly type Anirudh Dhodapkar-amazon Author page link on Google and you will be directed to all Anirudh Dhodapkar Healing and spell books-




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