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Replacing Addiction with Bliss


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December 2015
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The most divine function, which thrills our life, is we can enjoy taste derived from eating.Air, Food and water three most divine miracles,

Value of Food and Water is known only when there is a shortage.
What is known is addiction of any kind is nothing but the internal thrust for water, grain and air.
The first step to give up all the sickness, guilt and tendency to repeat mistakes is let us learn to bless Air, Food and water.
How many times grandmothers told us this but we refused to listen and see where our thanklessness brought.
If you enter in a Rehabilitation centre or look into the eyes of a hopeless case of Drug Addiction what we see is a terrible dryness on lips, blankness in eyes and suicidal tendency on facial expressions.
It is nothing but the dryness due to thanklessness life after life.
Addiction of any kind is nothing but the desire for Food, Water and Air.
So please understand that Addiction is neither a crime and nor a grave sickness.
We are forced to Addiction not due to Family, Friends, Circumstances or anything but due to our own ignorance. Let me tell you very clearly that, Food, Alcohol, Tobacco or Marijuana are as evil as Bread, Milk or Pepsi. If you look at it seriously Pepsi or COKE are not less dangerous than Alcohol but we allow our children gallons of Pepsi and Coke and why not?
Remember it is our choice what we eat, drink or smoke and religion or governments have no right to poke their dirty nose in our life.
Misconception number-1- A person is burden on society and nation if he/she is drinking and smoking.
If this is the point than more than 80% of Politicians must be hanged till death before dawn.
So it’s all rubbish. What is important is what we want to do with life?
We want to Enjoy, Food, Drinks, Smoke and Sex together with healthy and happy life or not?
We wish to have wonderful lovers, kids, wife, friends and family or not?
At this moment when our few mistakes brought us socially and financially close to Pain, Do we have the power to bounce back?
This is book which will help us 1000% to bounce back in life with Bang.
We will Eat, Drink, Smoke and still have a wonderful life ,a happy life with friends, family and children, How?
We will learn and add one more thing to our favorite list- Prayer.
Prayer will lead us to Pranayam and wonderful world of Energy, so gear up, let’s Rock,

Please Remember, whenever we eat whatever we are eating or when we are drinking water, halt a while and Bless food and water with gratitude. It is known to everyone but 1 out of millions follows this but one who follows is blessed with abundance in every aspect of his life, he/she is pure joy.
Please remember that whatever you eat is not going to affect your body in any way. Whatever Doctors, Dieticians or X,Y,Z says or proves, you are going to look and feel as per your wish and not as per the food you eat or beverage you drink.
All Doctors and Dietician and Health Councilors die one day and take a survey, most of them die of almost same diseases which other people also die.
So please know that choice, calorie or vitamins in food are not going to make you healthy or unhealthy.
You will be healthy if you want to be healthy in fact you will be as healthy as you want to be.
So Eat whatever you like, Drink whatever you like , Smoke whatever you want but to remain healthy just do following things-
1] Always feel grateful for whatever you are eating, drinking or smoking, be so grateful that tears of gratitude should flow from your eyes.
You know the Jokers who sell you so called health food ,you pay them money due to thinking that it will make you healthy ,so why not thank god or universe which provide us Air and Water absolutely free of cost, If he /she is not a politician or fool ,people will not even charge you for a glass of water or even morsel of food.
2] Just enjoy eating or drinking or smoking very slowly like you enjoy sex and it will make you amazingly healthy, not only healthy but will guide you to right food which will make you healthy.

In India most of the people are vegetarian and now there is almost a tidal wave of activists who wish to turn this whole world into vegetarians.
What you don’t know that Indian community which publicizes vegetarianism like anything is a community which is historically famous as blood sucking of poor by first providing them loans and then charging interest up to 32% and making their children’s life hell.
The people of this vegetarian community are responsible for suicide of thousands of poor farmers in an area known as Vidarbha in Maharashtra, India.
So please know that people who held themselves on higher human ground due to they being Vegetarian are mostly cheaters, frauds and interest eaters.
Muslims are non vegetarians but see they never charge interest on money they provide on loan.
So who is better?
So please know that if you are not a vegetarian by choice and liking you need not to be one otherwise the animal instinct within you will make you a terrible exploiter, cheat and fraud like what we call Sudkhor’s in India.
There is a sure possibility that if we are thankful for our food one day we will be inspired to eat healthy and even will be able to survive happily without glorious food .
There is a possibility that if we are thankful for loaf of bread and wine and fish like Jesus one day we will be able to survive beautifully by the light of love of god ,the universal energy in ecstatic state of being.
So let us explore godhood, let us explore possibility of being a Saint and God.

[Book Excerpts-“Healing The Incurable”-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar]

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