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Healing Difficult Relationship without uttering a word-


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December 2015
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Healing Difficult Relationship without uttering a word-
Best are the solutions -which heals without uttering a word or creating any argument. Many people across the planet are in difficult relationships with spouses-parents-children-boss-employer-employee etc etc.
What is the way out?
When a relationship is in trouble- whatever words you speak to heal it and whatever nice things you do may be misunderstood- and everyone has experienced this sometime in life-Then what to do?
Understand the situation-
Here both the parties are full of doubts for each others intentions and continuously accusing each other- so what you need to heal is “Faith” and “Intention.”
A relationship takes lot of time to manifest or destroyed.
Go within and start noticing what exactly you think about this person- ?
Are you assuming negativity from him/her fro a long time.
Then you have a solution?
You are exactly receiving what you are manifesting-“NEGATIVITY”
This needs to change-
And only you can change is because you know -how you have created this?
Simply by consistently thinking negative.So now reverse the process.Say nothing-just begin to feel positive and feel good about the same person -everyday as you go to sleep and as you rise for the day.
Do not pay attention to fears and frustration -just keep thinking good about the situation and relationship with this particular person-
As per the Circle of Vibes- this person may behave hostile for sometime but from 21st day onward relationship will first become still and later signs of improvement will appear.You don’t believe this?
Ha-Ha–now you know how you spoiled this relationship?
-By consistently being critical and fearful of this person.
So- It is absolutely in your hand to heal- if it is difficult – keep sending good wishes to this person for his day be great- can you do that?
Do this and you will gain confidence towards healing this relationship.
Whenever you add prayer to an intention -it always manifests-bear this in mind as you are the same person who spoiled this relationship without any prayer to be spoiled. Still it got spoiled- If you wish to heal -never analyze mistake you or other person committed-just think and pray healing and healing is sure to happen-
This is a recognized practice and mystics from centuries use this to heal racial and nationwide conflicts and problems- so you can try it for your relationships one at a time-
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