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[7] Creating Relationships we want and deserve;

Isn’t it true that one cannot choose his/her mother or father?
No this is a blatant Lie.
Fact is we choose our parents.
In this universe we can only have what we ever wanted and more importantly what we deserve so richly?
Only difference is that we did not remember when we choose them.
Many bad things which appear in our life, we wonder what I did to deserve this?
But the fact is when something good happens to us- we never say that –what have I done to deserve such a nice thing?
It cannot be fair with universe that what we want we demand and what we deserve we forget to receive with gratitude.
Fact is that we have all the power in universe to create the relationships we want. Yes we can create friends, lovers, children, employers and employees.

We are creating our future relationships now same way we have created our present relationships yesterday.
When we enter in the realms of subconscious mind, we experience the power of creation that is within each of our thought and action.
We are creating every moment.
That is why it is repeatedly being told to you that please give a break to bullet train of thoughts ,pause a little, watch your breath and be clear about what you are doing and what you are thinking. Think only what is good for you and good for others.
If you think good you will do good and doing good will automatically attract good experience in all aspects of your life.
If you keep judging the people be assured you will be judged by every Tom, Dick and Harry.
The frequency with what you pass judgments with the same frequency you attract judgments by others.
So beware of judging people and circumstances.
The Best way to attract best relationships in each sphere of life is to have best relation with you.
Pamper yourself, spoil yourself, and feel good to be yourself.

More you are with your own self more good people will be attracted to you, as subconsciously no one want a person who do not like him/herself.
Some people ask- I am beautiful, I am Educated, I am nice- still why I have cheats and leaches around me?
Wonderful Question- Reply is as simple as the Question.
Simply by making this statement you are judging the people around you. You keep thinking like that and you keep attracting all kind of Leaches and cheaters, in fact you are a magnet to all such people.
An evolved person will always try to find good things in any relationship and good he/she will receive. And an Idiot will search for shortcomings in parents, children, husband, friends, lovers and that is he/she will keep getting in each and every relationship throughout and even in after life.
Never ever forget to be grateful for what you receive from each relationship in your past-present and future.
And fact is- experience in every relationship helps us evolve as human.
Please keep creating the relationships you want in studio of subconscious.
Keep checking in your thoughts whether you are thinking about someone which you would not like to happen to you.
It is very much possible that when we make relationship with one person, we are automatically related to his present relations. Like- if you are in love of a married man or woman, you are automatically now related to his/her spouse whom he/she intends to leave to be with you.
You can simply imagine- what is the kind of felling the third person must be having about you?
If you are sure you intend to enter in this relation for whatever good reason make it sure that “other person” is treated with dignity and respect. If you cannot change the views of other person about you make sure you do not do anything in thought or action which creates more pain.
More sensitive you will be about maintaining your dignity in a relationship more beautiful and wanted you become.
Silence has a major role in relationship. If you are just a good listener people will love you. Listening is a great opportunity to understand and assess depth of a person and whether frequency is matching or not.

As you are about to enter in personal or professional communication take a deep breath and pray for a while to have good experience for all associated? Fact is no one meet to us even sees us without any connection.
If we understand this – we will slowly experience that every relationship
We have in life is nothing but extension of our past deeds or desires.
And more we dive deep in Pranayam and Meditation, we find that only the relationship which matters to us and matters to other partner is happening and rest of the futile relationships are getting away.
It is very important to be close to our own self to have good relationships with others in life.
Please know that every good relationship is based upon two things-
1] Mutual Attraction
2] Intention of being of some kind of help to other person.
Human history is full of stories of such relations.
If you wish to have great relations, you need to be of some use to someone.
Please do not enter in any kind of commitment in any relationship if it is not coming naturally to you to be with that person, more than that does not produce children till you two are not absolutely sure of becoming God.
To be a mother or father is to be like God.
If anyone has more responsible job than President of USA, that is mother of a child or teen ager.
As future of whole US civilization will depend upon how a US mother or father treat their children.
USA is used just as a symbol- same is with INDIA or CHINA.
To become a mother or father is to teach your children by example of your own life. No one is perfect but in this or other way you have to make efforts to be a perfect father or mother.
It is strange that we have schools for children but no education for utmost responsible job- to be a responsible mother or father.
Children are like treasure house of potential power for a nation.
More modern the society is- more lightly this job is taken.
All the Crime and Terrorism we see in world today is nothing but failure of parents of these criminals and education system which raised these children to become terrorists.

Who will bring the change in contemporary society?
Politicians? [They always declare but We all know their credibility is worst than pimps]
Teachers? [Yes- They can, if we as a society, can attract right people to be ready to do this job by giving due respect to right teachers]
Both can only bring partial change- if as a society or nation we need to bring change- it is only a mother or father of a child who can bring change in thinking and civilization, which is so badly needed.
All the bad people that we encounter in life are somewhere product of ignorant parents.
Do we want this process to continue?
If not –we need to take charge and if at all we decide to become parents we need to become very responsible parents.
Your commitment to all relations will decide what you are going to receive in future- specially your commitment towards your parents and commitments towards children will decide fate of relationships in this and next life, so understand and understand this well.
More honest we are with our inner feeling and more committed to wellbeing of people with whom we are in Bond- we are on our path of maintaining good relations today- better tomorrow and fantastic in time to come.

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