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Claim Your Birth Right -“SUCCESS”


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January 2016
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Claim Your Birth Right- “SUCCESS”-


[18] Spell Eighteen- Attracting the Success-

Success is what we want to be in everything we do.
We so desperately wish to be successful in all aspects of our life.
Health, Wealth, Relationship and ………,……,………..,
Some have small and some have a big list.
We can begin to be successful in all aspects our daily and desired life, if we right now take one decision-
-I will always keep the candle of hope in my heart for my life towards desired success.
Success only belongs to people who never ever give up.
Who never accept failure and who always bounce back with bang..
You know anyone successful, who never had a single failed attempt to achieve his/her desire success.
You can surely invite and attract success, as that is your birth right.
You are here to be successful in every aspect of your life.
Spell to succeed attract to you all the luck and fortune you need to transform your dream into reality.
Nothing is beyond your reach, if you apply this spell in life.
Success is more about feeling successful than being successful.
Success is about never thinking of what we do not have and always working upon what we have.

There is a precaution before you apply this spell in your life and it is to avoid feeling of being “Common man or woman” completely.
In India one idiot created a political party, named as- “AAM ADMI PARTY” means “Common Man Party” and he aims to become Prime Minister of India.
He has been proven a political joker and he spoiled lot of talented people who wanted to become common man.
Please know that this “common man/woman/public” is a phrase, designed to be fool you and use you as a slave by people who wanted to rule you. That is why you only listen about this “common/general” breed during elections and after that all politicians forget these people, They are sucked off all the juice like a Mango fruit and then seed is thrown out to breed more so called common people.
Please do not disrespect divinity by calling yourself common or general, you were born special and die special with lots of potential, whether you have explored it or not is your personal problem.
Please understand –nothing exists like “common man/woman/boy or girl”.
Everything is special here.
Everything and every single living and breathing entity is so unique here. So feel yourself special and unique in all aspects and claim your desired success through this spell-
You may have one thousand desires and it is your right to be successful in achieving all your personal desires, so this spell is repeated for each important endeavor, you want to achieve success immediately, it is always best to be clear in what you want NOW, whatever you want NOW is most important desire, so first prepare a list of endeavors you wish to succeed it and then take them one by one-
You can either make a complete list of desires and keep applying this spell on each one as and when you like or take one important task and focus upon that, it is experienced that what is important NOW is best to cast spell upon-

Here is the Spell-

“ I now receive………………………….,I accept…………………….with gratitude as per divine will as a divine sign for me to grow…..”

Just fill yourself with this spell and step by step everything that is needed to achieve this particular Goal will be added upon to you.
Please learn to accept your desire as divine will and divinely inspired idea for betterment of mankind. Whatever small it is but your desire is a divine will, divine inspiration to help one and all.
Whenever you can feel divinity of your desire, you are bound to succeed in any endeavor you undertake.
So make success a practice and swim through every living minute, hour, day, months and years to eternity-

[Book Excerpts- “Inviting The Soulmate”-Author-Anirudh M. Dhodapkar]

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