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Choose to -‘Live Young’ and ride the circumstances..


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January 2016
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There is only one Road Block to success and that is -“What…If I fail”

Anything new you want to do-you think of difficult obstacles and your current circumstances on the path-and then you try a little and give up- this is where you choose to be separated from winners and fall into trash of ordinary .

What can happen-if you try and fail once-how many times one can Fail -doing same things?

Most of the people take mediocre path and do not try or try once and blame circumstances for failure.

You got to be different.

What is the result of giving up?

You are going to get it never.

What is the benefit of giving’one’ more try?

You always have the chances to achieve- people who succeed are not the people who never fail- but they are the people who keep trying -in-spite of all odds-till the never achieve desired success-Choice is all yours-

Allow circumstances to make you a horse and take you for a ride or you -turn ‘circumstances’ into horses and ride them to victory-

Trust me second option is best -to live and die young –

First one is-‘living death’

So Choose Life- Choose to accept challenge-

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