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Spell to attract the “One”-You want


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January 2016
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5] Spell Five- The “ONE”- I want-


WANT is an amazing mystery, why we want what we want now is a complete mystery.

People make different relationships for different reasons. For a period of time that relationship is most precious one and after a while as they say in western world- “Now the Relationship has lost all its charm”.

It is amazing that the person or thing, which was needed by you at the cost of life or death, has lost its charm and now you are in the phase of “dragging the relationship.”

Most of the Divorces and break ups and extra marital so called scandals have this above reason.

There is a way to be forever charming.

There is a spell for choosing the ONE who will be charming for you forever and you will be ONLY ONE for him.

It begins with our choice,

People who get best in life are the people who don’t compromise for anything, even 1% less than the best.

Now consider for a moment –Are you the best?

Fact is no one is best or worst, each of us is UNIQUE.

We need a person, who LOVE us and we LOVE him/her and not the person who is best or worst, do you have any other criteria before entering into a relationship than LOVE?

inviting-the-soulmate-print-addition-CoverPreview1If you have any other criteria than LOVE than relationship must be temporary, enter into a blind date or a fling or crush or a month long passionate affair and end it with a beautiful kiss.

Please note that anything else other than LOVE, when exchanged become a business, an affair and not a relationship.

For you to attract a soul mate, attract the ONE, with whom you wish to relate for life and even eternally, you need a very small commitment and that is to “Love Unconditionally”.

Are you ready for this commitment?

Generally this commitment is given by Lord Shrikrishna to his beloved disciple Arjuna and what every Guru gives to his disciple-

“In Life or Death, in this or next life, I’ll walk with you till you achieve the ultimate bliss.”

This is the same commitment; Lord JESUS gave to his disciples in last feast.

In such a vast universe you will only attract your soul mate when you make this commitment ,this commitment contains  such a magnetic spell that grave yards of Saints are converted into pilgrimages and devotees come and lit candle and feel blessed even after 100 years of physical death of that Saintly soul.

Tell me otherwise, why Muslims go to Madina or Makka and cry uncontrollably at the place where sons of Paigamber Mouhammed were killed?

Why a Stone is worshipped at KABA?

It is the magnetic spell of divine soul, which attracts a Haji to Haj .

Same way Why millions of Hindu’s ,even more than Muslims in numbers visit the Shrine of Shri Sai Baba at shirdi ,even when Hindu high Priests warn them of out casting from Hindu religion?

Reason is simple- Love.

Love is only attracted by Love and nothing else.

We need to learn to love, if we want our soul mate in life. If we want to experience the divine orgasm, divine sex, what is also known as enlightenment, we must learn to Love unconditionally, first to our own self and then to ONE we are attracting.

This spell is so divine that if practiced in right spirit will enhance your Aura so much that people would like to kiss your hands and will feel blessed in your presence.

This is the only spell without any words, as this spell begins where words end.

Words reflect desire, expression, want, feelings whereas spell of LOVE, spell of ONE is just breathing-

The people who will be attracted to cast this spell on universe will be soon very close to divinity-

The Spell 5- The “ONE”,I want


“Just shut your eyes and feel your breath, do not put any stress just watch n feel your breath without a word, if any thought comes let it pass, look at the thought as if it is a film and soon thought will vaporize, within few days you will feel an inner  silence, silence so enriching that first time in life you will feel LOVE, the gratitude for very being for very existence about 15 days after you feel this bliss, ASK NOTHING,SAY NOTHING,JUST FEEL THE PRESENCE….keep loving and keep feeling this presence now…”

 Spell of “ONE- I WANT” is the only spell in this world, which takes you beyond physical to metaphysical world.

Spell of ONE is the only spell where you experience Magnetic Energy, which you are.

Nothing is more precious, if you ask me I practice spell of ONE only before I practice any other spell, as most of the time after 6 or 7 months, this spell before dawn will create the complete day for you and attune you to everything that is good.

[Book Excerpts- ‘Inviting The Soulmate’-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar’]

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