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Spell-“I the Magnet”-How to be Magnetic


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[BOOK Excerpts-“Inviting The Soulmate”-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar]


6] Spell Six- I the Magnet-Magnetic Me-

Fact of the life is, no one absolutely no one is interested in us if we are not full of joy, bliss and we are not a great success in our life.

Very few soul mates are found, who are with us in thick or thin.

Otherwise world belongs to winners.

More than winner, world loves the people who are happy and contended with their life.

In short, to enjoy the life we need to be magnet.

Being Magnetic means, being loved, being accepted and being appreciated.

Isn’t it true that the Girl, who catches best of the Boy is 99% not the most beautiful or most successful among the available lot, reverse is also true?

Some people are so charming that everyone wants to be with them, even when they are not Mount Everest of success or beauty.

What is this that makes one person wanted and other one unwanted?

I do not know the psychology but this chapter and spell will equip you with a magical wand that will make you magnetic, you will now onwards attract anyone and everyone you like.

Is there any such spell- yes there is and here it is-

“ I now awaken glorious ME, who is divine, magnificent and magnetic.”


Please know that, through this spell you will manifest the real “I”.

Everything, which you need to become magnetic, will be added upon you, if you claim this as your birth right.

We have to rise from deep slumber and today in this moment, we got to claim what is our own.

I am unique.

I am full of gratitude.

I am willing to pay any price and make any commitment to be what I want to be.

I am not scared of being ridiculed at or opposed as I know by the history that every great persons, including Jesus Christ has been opposed and even killed on this planet but even than Jesus still survives and everyone who has ridiculed and crucified him are long decaying in their stupid graves, whereas Jesus is worshipped in heart and churches.

The only difference between a God and Human is that-

“God is awakened to his/her reality whereas Human is not.”

When you begin to practice this spell, it feels so ridiculous but gradually this spell will awaken you to your divinity.

You can invite anything in your life, when you are a magnetic “I”.

So be magnetic, that is the only way out.

Use this spell, as much as you can.

Just spellbound yourself with this spell.

As this is the most important spell. I repeat-

“ I now awaken glorious ME, who is divine, magnificent and magnetic.”

Please arise to your magnificence and magnetism.

There is a fantastic experiment since ages to magnetize our personality-Known as-

The Mirror Exercise-

“Anytime during the day, just go to mirror and look in the eyes of mirror image, do this for 7 days and then from eighth day, start telling your mirror image, what you want yourself to be. Just feel this spell and switch words given in it. Give this exercise 6 month and see the results yourself.”

All the Occult Masters have repeatedly prescribed this exercise since ages but very few are capable to do this ,as this is so simple to forget, but those who did it are considered best in their class all across the Globe, so decision is yours.


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