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Awakening The Self Healing Power to Heal the Incurabel-First Step


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January 2016
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Awakening the Healing Power within You-


You have the healing power within you.

I tell you this vouching on my master’s feet that yes you have inherent healing power within your body and mind.

This is how you can awaken healing powers in your body and mind in 270 days.

-“ Establish a Place and a Sit for you for next 270 days and one sit right in front of you .This sit which you lay in front of your sit belong to  guides or guide or teachers who will appear to you or attune your mind to healing powers.”

Do not imagine anything- just do not allow anyone to enter in this corner or room in the house.

You have to sit in front of this sit on your pre decided sit for 15 minutes as you awake and 15 minutes before you go to sleep- if you miss any day- start from Day-1.

In these 15 minutes- you are going to do nothing but just going to pray for guidance to arise to inherent healing powers in you.

You are going to invite all divine souls who can attune you.

This is for those ,who are either looking to heal themselves or wish to have healing powers- through this exercise- they will be connected either to a healing teacher or you will be  divinely attuned in the same room through an experience.

You are free to explore this practice if you like to- as this will be practiced by those only- who are destined and on a stage to learn healing NOW.


Healing through Divine Name of God-


Critics will count to criticize- how many times name of God is mentioned in this book- they will ask- who is this God?

Answer is simple- Find Out yourself.

God is the ONE.

God is- The beginning and end of existence.

God has to be experienced not to be defined.

It is the journey within.

Everything you want to achieve in life begins with a dream.

I want you to dream the God.

This dream will develop the faith and you will enter in divine world- which is your birth right you’ve forgotten to claim.

All your troubles and worries have a root cause- that is you forgetting name of God.

What will happen if a lost child cannot remember name or face of his mother or father? Same is happening to you.

This chapter is to attune you to name of God- to chant the name and experience the God.

All names belong to God.

Whatever name you choose and chant- God will appear to guide.

There is no particular path that leads to God , as all the path leads to God.

So whatever path you choose will lead to same destination.

There is nothing in the Messengers and Prophets appeared before you – what you do not possess.

Arise to this power and claim your Birth right.

This is the healing through name of God…Now…

Healing through Silence-

Very fortunate are the people who understood and experienced the power of Silence in healing.

There is nothing more powerful than developing art of Silence and delving deep into ocean of Silence.

My Dear Soul I wish to tell you that Inner Silence is the key to unlimited power we all are searching for so long.

This is the easiest to achieve and easier to practice- anytime anywhere.

Right at the moment- just take a pause- shut your eyes and watch your breath-

Let thoughts come and pass- to be replaced by another thoughts- just be the observer and not the participant-

After few moments –there will be serenity within- like ice blue still ocean- Let this peace increase- you are introduced to Silence now-

Henceforth you can enter in this serene pure and divine ocean anytime you like.

Please note- that you can heal you are suffering since many lives- all healing is possible here in this silence-

As you’ve been give this opportunity to be healed only.

So grab this opportunity and learn to attune to silence within.

It whatever problem you are under whatever physical – emotional –spiritual pain- this has always worked n will work forever…

If you apply nothing from this book and just practice what is written above- book has served its purpose-

[Book Excerpts- “Healing Now”]


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