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Is Every Disease Curable Via Reiki,Pranayam or Yoga?


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January 2016
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Many ask this Question-time and again?

Reply is same-” Yes”

If we accept the responsibility of every problem physical or emotional or circumstantial-we will grow in understanding that every disease is manifestation of consistent negative life patterns.

This is the moment- we need to take a decision.

Decision to heal.

Same way that you never knew all the emotional thought patterns resulted in one particular disease- you will also be helped in infinite ways through same though patterns- to find cure and find the source of your healing-

It may be a leaf- a guide- a Doctor- a Reiki or Yoga Master or anyone else- once yo u consistently in spite of all the pain -will be firm on decision to heal- you will most surely be guided through 50000 odd thought patterns that passes through subconscious mind-

Do this small practice for 30 days and you’ll definitely receive answers in divine ways-

2 minutes in every 1 hour- just observe your breath- just practice this observation for 7 days and then add one thought to this momentum-

“I now seek guidance to heal”

I have yet to meet a person-who has diligently practiced this and not found signs to healing-

Try this- it is free-it is effective- and it is so simple that people won’t believe it -so they never know -what is it like to find healing and cure signs-

What is ‘Healing Now’ and how we are connected to ‘Soulmate Infinity’-

‘Healing Now’ is an organization co founded by Reiki Grand Master-Dr Kumudini Dhodapkar along with her son Anirudh, Grandson Tanmay –Eminent Healer- Payal Pankhi joined the organization as associate healer this year.

“Healing Now” provide online Self Healing Courses across the globe in a 30 minute everyday guided meditation sessions-

‘Healing Now’ workshops are based on specific requirements of participants- as per their –personal purpose –which they wish to heal through Reiki-Pranayam-Yoga –Mantra-Tantra and meditation.

“Healing Now” also provides Free Distance healing sessions and self healing trainees to the needy.

At “Healing Now”- healers and Yoga exponents are dedicated to find divine solutions to physical and mental diseases declared by modern medical sciences as-“Incurable”

At “Healing Now” healers are constantly working upon adding Mantra and Tantra to Yoga and Reiki & Pranayam to bring most divine healing practices.

‘Soulmate Infinity’ is a 4 day self healing course –along with prior and after 21 days of daily 45 minutes of ‘online guided meditation’ with a ‘Healing Now” healer-for couples and individuals who wish to attract or discover role of Tantra-Yoga and Pranayam in making all their soul relationships-

As Program is designed to discover the most dynamic spell that is Love and all its forms.

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