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This Valentine- Convert Break up to Bliss


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February 2016
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[Book Preview-Soulmate Infinity”-A Valentine Season release by-Anirudh M.Dhodapkar- ]

[19] Rising above-“Break Up” in bliss-

At no point in life ever consider that  a “Break Up” for X-Y-Z reason and due to anybody’s fault can break an amazing opportunity –that is –“You”.

You are a Soul- connected to your birth right bliss-via this body and life- so at no point –you should feel that “Love” for you ends here.

Fact is- here is an excellent opportunity to heal your life and your personality for better.

Life is an endless Book- a never ending “Daily Soap”- this life very rarely ends even on death- you begin a new chapter in new body- that is next life.

So what makes you think that this-“Break Up” is end of road for relationship?

Observe for a complete day-how many thoughts cross your mind- according to scientists- approximate 50,000 thoughts.

Do you know what does it mean?

This means that your subconscious and conscious mind- have 50000 opportunities to process- it simply means that once you choose next ‘thought’- next person/persons-circumstances will begin to manifest and a new sub chapter –in Relationship chapter will begin.

Always remember that –this break up is nothing but a last full stop to last paragraph-now you got to change the paragraph and change the life.

This is as easy as I am saying-

You have done this earlier- you have had many friends-pets- relatives-your childhood crush- your Doll-Your first cycle-first car-first bike-when they left you- how you felt?

You felt like –this is it.

But today after 10 odd years –many of those people and things –you do not even remember- and those you remember –does not affect you anymore.

It’s true that some people are so priceless that –no one can feel void when they leave you –or taken away from you- but truth is there roll is remembered by you –as it ended on a memorable point-

Do the same with this ‘gone’ relationship-keep them just as memory –with a feeling ‘good’ or ‘not so good’ enclosed as label- for now this relationship means nothing to you- it is on its way –as a fading memory- you remember the person so much now because –there is not much happening in your life- the moment- new things and new people begin to enter in life- and life will begin t write new story-these old pages will go in background-so do not worry about it-

Even after life giving mother’s death also new born babies- without mother’s milk-survives and do just fine in life- so why you should not live without a person- whose roll in your opera of relationship is over-

This is it-

Look into mirror- you are today without any burden of added responsibility-to be liked by someone- you can be just your own self-I will not say that –you must do lot many things to pamper and dress up yourself for new relationship- I’ll say-“Just Chill”.

Between one and next relationship-there is an excellent opportunity to date the sexiest person on planet- that person loves you –and never leaves you-that person is- YOU.

“Date Yourself for a while”.

To tell you the truth-one who cannot love her/himself –can hardly find a true relationship in life-

You’ve chosen this life- this body and life was your Karma- you are here in this world-under this circumstances- because of your desire only- YOU ARE YOUR ‘DESIRE’

Sum up of your life is-“Your Desire”

So love yourself- As no one else loves you back so honestly as your own true higher self- you have one wonderful aspect of being you-your own higher self-

Whenever we invoke magical powers like Reiki in some student- we ask him-

“Invoke your –higher self -now.”

Why we ask so.

As we know that 90% of people spend their life without being connected to their own ‘higher self’.

Your-‘higher self’ is your true lover.

Your true soul mate- this ‘higher self’- whenever invoked-magic begins in your life- before you do anything else in life- just take this opportunity to –invoke the most amazing source of power –within you- that is-

Your very own-“Higher Self”.

Link to all Books by Author-


What is ‘Healing Now’ and how we are connected to ‘Soulmate Infinity’-

‘Healing Now’ is an organization co founded by Reiki Grand Master-Dr Kumudini Dhodapkar along with her son Anirudh, Grandson Tanmay –Eminent Healer- Payal Pankhi joined the organization as associate healer this year.

“Healing Now” provide online Self Healing Courses across the globe in a 30 minute everyday guided meditation sessions-

‘Healing Now’ workshops are based on specific requirements of participants- as per their –personal purpose –which they wish to heal through Reiki-Pranayam-Yoga –Mantra-Tantra and meditation.

“Healing Now” also provides Free Distance healing sessions and self healing trainees to the needy.

At “Healing Now”- healers and Yoga exponents are dedicated to find divine solutions to physical and mental diseases declared by modern medical sciences as-“Incurable”

At “Healing Now” healers are constantly working upon adding Mantra and Tantra to Yoga and Reiki & Pranayam to bring most divine healing practices.

‘Soulmate Infinity’ is a 4 day self healing course –along with prior and after 21 days of daily 45 minutes of ‘online guided meditation’ with a ‘Healing Now” healer-for couples and individuals who wish to attract or discover role of Tantra-Yoga and Pranayam in making all their soul relationships-

As Program is designed to discover the most dynamic spell that is Love and all its forms.

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