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This Valantine- How to Invoke Divinity in Every Date-


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February 2016
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[11] How to invoke divinity in every date-

[Book excerpts- “Soulmate Infinity”]

Forget about practicing each spell in this book-even if you read this book and it appeals you to think and feel rightly- it is in itself a spell and you’ll quickly begin to manifest beautiful friends and relations date after date.

Every date that you will have will bring blessing and divinity in life forever. Sometime a mere word or saying by someone is enough to change a life-same way-if you are attuned to principal of ‘Soulmate infinity’- it’ll be reflected in your looks-touch and words-it will make you sexier and desirable among right women and men  only-

In this chapter we will practice a method to connect heart to heart and soul to soul with any new person we are about to open converses ion.

Fact is-fate of our relationship is always best-if we do not try to impress people. Other person is nothing but reflection of our own liked or disliked aspect by us.

The face –eyes and reflections of other person will respond as per our inner talk to our own self about other ‘person’.

If we do not like shape of our fingers or color of our teeth-do we break and throw them away?

Neither creates any impression about person we met right now nor try to make an impression upon him/her. Face the person with same gusto-as we face our own image in mirror.

If you do not like your body or face-learn to like it now or get plastic surgery done. As no one in the world and beyond have any sympathy or liking towards a person who doesn’t like him/herself.

Please know that –it is a superstition that ‘human’ is a social animal. Animals were those-who propagated these lines.

Human being is only being on face of planet-who is a complete universe in itself and who have the capability to create his/her own universe- so delete this fear from your mind that you are not well if do not have so called family or friends- if you do not have now-you can create as many societies as many you like- all the so called ‘religions’ of the world are best examples of this fact- as and when a human being is rejected in a society for what he/she is- humanity opens the path for a new religion-sect /cult.

All the prophets in this world are nothing but the common people –who were awakened to their infinite divine possibilities and invoked the power of ‘infinity’ in their life-result everyone of them have followers-long after their living mortal body.

The biggest joke is a community –which crucified Jesus Christ -2016 years ago for thinking-acting-looking differently and calling himself ‘son of God’- today same community is on verge of extinction-and Christianity that arose on the grave of Jesus has much more following – why?

Because-Jesus even from cross could  invoke infinity of soul-he attracted and truly created a community-that follows Jesus doctrine-even after his leaving the physical world.

So If people here do not like you –it hardly means that life stops for you-in fact life begins here in your loneliness-now you can be the God and create your own world-which every ‘son of God’ created-if you like your own thoughts-style of living and feelings- be very assured that even if people around you laugh and mock you- you  are now creating a world of your own- it simply means that instead of becoming a sheep –you’ve chosen to be master shepherd.

If your morals and values according to you reflect love and blessings for all- never bother to please people or try to make yourself likeable to them.

Just keep manifesting your own universe-and soon you will find a totally different person surprisingly getting attracted to you-approaching you and he or she is there to begin your universe with you. It may be a just so called ‘blind date’- ‘accidental date’ or ‘casual date’- but in fact this ‘divine date’ is about to happen to you- you’ve definitely invoked soul mate infinity by practicing the utmost divine spell-that is spell of-“LOI”-Law of Infinity.

Here is the spell-

Spell-LOI-[Law of Infinity]

As the right person- in front of you- do not be in a hurry to speak- close your eyes- focus upon your heart first and breathe later-

Through the unity of heartbeat and breath –just claim-

“I accept you my divine Soulmate-now I invoke law of unity and infinity-we are connected and we are ONE now.”

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