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This Valentine- “LOL”-The Soulmate Infinity


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February 2016
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THUMBNAIL_IMAGEsoulmate infinity

LOL-                      “Law of Love” is law of life.

Both are synonymous.

There is no difference between Love and Life.

This book is to unite your life to love.

To live a life full of love –is to live life in bliss under any circumstances always moving up and up in every aspect life.

Please note-

The most important quality to attract abundance in all aspect of life is measured by only one parameter-

“How much I love myself?”More you love your own “Self” and do the things which makes you more loveable- much and more happiness you are going to attract in your life.

If you wish to attract anything in your life- your PIN No to manifestation is “LOL”- any happiness withdrawal or “good deeds” deposit is possible via this PIN no only.

How to be in perfect synchronization with LOL?

Ho w to apply LOL under every circumstance everywhere?

How to create situations and people you want always?

Plain and simple answer- Be the LOL.

You like to be happy –you like to be in love- you like to lead a life full of abundance – you want to do whatever you want to do without any restriction- then who stops you?

What is the obstacle?


You are your own key to happiness and misery.

It is all about your conditional mind.

You put conditions in everything.

If I have a good job-I am happy.

If I have a sexy date I am happy.

If I have parents less interfering I am happy.

If I have a wife less nosey I am happy.

If I have a romantic husband I am happy.

Now solve this riddle of “If” and understand the basic LOL.

I am happy-that I have a good job.

I am happy-that I have a sexy date.

I am happy- that my parents less interfering.

I am happy-that my wife is amazingly mature.

I am happy –that I have a romantic husband.

Now understand – you need to put just one thing ahead of every wish and everything granted-that one thing is “Happiness”.

You receive everything when you are happy in whatever you have and you are not happy when you want “things” to go your way to be happy.

Universe doesn’t owe you anything.

Whatever good or not so good you are receiving is absolute result of your own KARMA.

You can see that girls love Boys who are happy go lucky- and Boys love girls who are happy.

When primary requirement to attract anything you like is “Happiness” than why you put condition to be happy.

Be Happy that you have money to buy food-cloths to wear- water to drink- oh that’s not the enough reason for you to be in gratitude- than no wonder that you are miserable.

In the history of successful people- people put everything aside to be and to spread happiness- Charley Chaplin had no reason to be happy –his mother was in mental asylum- no information about father- no sign of next meal during the day- still he could give the sunshine film s- which brings laughter and smile –even on most dull and saddest day of life.

No doubt he was and is being considered an eternal complete comic artist.

In whatever ditch you are in- just know that you got to Love the life as it is- as it is a gift-

It is bestowed upon you by universe as an opportunity to seek and find the Success –which was eluding you, life after life in previous lives.

This is all about LOL.

“Law of Love “

In Fact, Law of Love is Law of Life-

[Book Excepts- “Soulmate Infinity”-Author-Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]



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