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This Valentine- “Water Spell”-being divine together


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February 2016
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“Water Spell- to be divine together”

[Book Excerpts-‘Soulmate Infinity’-Author-Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]


It is useless if you two have loved each other and ended the life without experiencing Soulmate divinity-

What is the purpose of two lovers uniting?

Is it just –Sex- Romance- Marriage-Family-living together-dying alone- or there is something more divine to this union?

Have you experienced a magnetic attraction-while you were first time face to face with your beloved- or even when first time he/she- wrote their ‘hi’ to you in chat box?

If you have experienced- love happens out of nowhere-without faintest of Idea or clue-you are just glued to person-forever-

Why this happens-that ‘Soulmate’ just pops up out of nowhere and you do not have iota of doubt that –

“Yes-yes-yes-this is my Soulmate”

There is a divine purpose behind every meeting. To stop from growing apart in journey of life and death- you two are needed to ‘hold’ each other through a divine spell- as there are and there always will be past-‘karma’ –past ‘mistakes’ which will appear in different forms of people-diversions-situations- break ups etc etc on the way in physical worldly life,

How not to have these diversions and how to be ‘united’ in Soulmate Infinity is cakewalk –if you practice this spell every time-

‘WATER’ represents sustenance- It is life- you need to be ‘water’ together- you need to be as important as ‘water’ in each other’s life and need to be one –as ‘water’ –in up’s and down’s and low’s and high’s of  journey called –life together-

If you are in relationship with someone for more than 365 days- you would have experienced this yourself- there are ‘rough’ patches and you never know –what is obstructing the flow of positive vibes-

If you wish to stop this forever and wish to be ‘one’ with your ‘Soulmate’-if you wish to understand and heal each other’s issue-this is the spell-which you both need to practice individually and jointly-

‘Water Spell’-

Keep remembering your ‘Soulmate’-as and when you are away from them- more you keep bringing them in memory-more you are connected- more you keep chanting your Soul mate’s name in heart-more you are attuned- always identify your Soulmate with ‘blue water’ –feel the stillness of a ‘Deep Bluish Lake’-just in middle of your ‘Heart Chakra’-

This lake represents your divine union with your ‘Soulmate’- more you focus upon this lake- more your unity becomes ‘infinite’- finale purpose of any ‘relationship’ is to be ONE-so whenever you are doing individually anything- feel the presence of your ‘Soulmate’ within your body and work- always –always-

This brings such a divine unity that –demands are met before they are raised and conflicts are resolved forever- never to reappear- After Radha and Krishna-two ‘Soulmate Infinity’ couples-who took this ‘water spell’ up to merging as ONE in infinite are-

Ramakrishna Paramhansa -Ma Sharda


Maharishi Aurobindo and his Soulmate-known as ‘Ma’

In second case –he was an Indian Mystic and she was a French disciple but they are united as ONE-even today after many years of leaving physical body and being worshipped by thousands of ‘Integral Yoga’ Mystic Students-

You can also be amazingly ONE and INFINITE- if you simply keep this Spell and symbol ‘Blue water’ in your heart and soul-

Try this- it is so beautiful and it will take you to heights of divinity-

Link to author’s fb page-“Healing Now”-


Link to all books by Author-




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