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Valentine Spell-Law of Magnetic Attraction & Soulmate Infinity


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February 2016
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Law of Magnetic Attraction &Formula to Soulmate Infinity


What you are today is result of your past deeds-

Your life is governed by LOK-The Universal Law of KARMA.

If one understands the principal and practice of LOK correctly- he or she will be on path of blissful abundance life after life.

Everything that has happened to us- from the Mother and Father that we have to Boy or Girl who loves us so much is our own creation- we have simply attracted these guys and these circumstances in our life.

Various times in religious books- it is highlighted correctly –that We cannot change our past-as it is passe- we cannot change our Present as this is result of our past thinking and action but what we can surely change is our Future.

As according to LOK our tomorrow is created by our today- it means we can definitely act and think something in very scientific manner today –which will beautify our tomorrow-as per our desire.

You are modern or you are traditional – it hardly matters- whatever religion you are born in or whatever religion you have chosen- hardly matters- what matters is whatever you are doing with the mind and heart and body that you have received.

Are you wallowing in self pity?

Are you ballooning in Ego?

Or you are irritated in frustration of agonies that you face?

Whatever you want to have in life is totally dependent upon what you “want” today.

Do you really want what you think and say that you want?

If Yes-

You must be one of the rarest happy creatures on planet earth –as you have found out the purpose of your life.

There are two steps to attune with LOK and they are-


“Law of Thought”


“Law of Magnetic attraction”

There is a saying-

“You become what you think all day long”

So what are you thinking NOW?

This is said because-it is your thoughts that lead you to a particular action which leads you to success or failure.

There is one more thing that decides about manifesting success or failure?

It is the “Feel”

What do you feel-when you aim to become a millionaire and right now you are washing dishes in a shabby restaurant.

Can you feel happy now about your aim?

Because more than thought what is responsible for success or failure is-what you feel while performing your daily KARMA and aiming for more glorious success.

People who surely succeed in whatever they aim at- are generally the people-who bloom out of nowhere and take the world by storm.

What is the reason for Bill Gates success?

It is the Feel.

Feeling is a great energy which manifests success or failure.

Specially in manifesting Money and Soul mates.

It is a misconception that there is only one soul mate in a person’s life.

Fact is everyone you ever meet –is your soul mate.

There is no way that any two people can ever meet without any previous connection-

If you connect to everything you come across-as your soul mate- you will be bestowed with a tremendous energy –tremendous belief and be awakened to magnificence of the fact that-


I am the master of my destiny.

If you have created few not so good people and circumstances- there is 1000% possibility that you definitely can and will create fantastic people and circumstances henceforth.

Fact is- Bliss is created by same LOK through which misery is created.

Only difference is how you have had applied LOT, law of Thought and LOF-Law of Feeling-which is resulted in LOMA-Law of magnetic attraction – which gives you freedom to create anything good or bad?

There are people who say- Don’t give me this shit? Just tell me whether I can manifest what I want or not?


If you are not aware and no not applying LOL[LAW OF LOVE] and LOK with LOT and LOMA –there is no chance that any power in the world can help you.

It is the awareness and minute by minute application of basic laws –with a blissful happy feeling that will manifest what you seek.

That is why we must learn to practice these basic laws to attune ourselves to receive the desired success in any aspect of life.

Everything can be accomplished by practice-so now let’s understand the very law of manifestation of relationship- before we begin to practice LOK with LOMA and LOT.

[Book Excerpts- “Soulmate Infinity”-Author-Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]

Link to Author’s fb page-“Healing Now”


Link to all books by author-





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