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Restless Scholars-TV Anchors-Lawyers-Healing Urgently needed-Will you send your child to Such University?


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February 2016
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Healing needed for Restless Scholars and Violence Instigators-

It is fashionable for university students in JNU and JADHAVPUR Universities of India along with TV Channel Anchors to entangle in verbal orgy of useless kind without any reason or rhyme-Communist Students want autonomy to glorify convicted terrorists and traitors and TV Anchors/Lawyers want to declare them Traitors who support traitors.

Few even want to beat up all JNU Students and shoot slogan mongers-

All are crying -healing-

How come a university student -studying in government sponsored university on money of Tax Payers  can indulge in such stupid activity?

Even if you give penny to a poor street vendor-he receives it with gratitude-here UGC Scholarship holders want glorification of Terrorists and division of India as there constitutional right-and excluding university campus full of anti nationals from  police intervention and arrests-what a democratic demand from students studying in a government institution?

Thanklessness is mother of all kind of terrorism against motherland-It is being exhibited on streets by scholars of most renowned university-since masses and TRP driven TV anchors and communist politicians does not know what to do- they are pelting stones on each other.

Why at all students need to demand division of motherland?

And if it is there democratic constitutional right-why not mob have a right to do the needful to such criminals?

TV Anchors doing this verbally-calling one and all as anti nationals-

Do we not need healing?

Do we not need to make Meditation a compulsory subject with POLITICAL SCIENCE?

Why Yoga can not be introduced as compulsory education to all -so that this so called mid aged research scholars know that what they are talking is rubbish.

One of the run away convict’s father claim that this boy was researching plight of backward tribes-see what a wonderful outcome of research-Anti national gathering and in-citation of cast violence-moreover even teachers of this great institute is opposed to Police entering and searching these goons in premises- Where were such teachers when Indian Soldiers mass killing by terrorists was celebrated in same premises?

Fact is JNU and JADHAVPUR are irrelevant for modern students-these are the last remains of gone era when students had nothing better to do then shouting slogans-our kids have many better things to learn and make their life proud then wasting their precious years in such stupid institutions in company of such illiterate mob of teachers and students-

This institution -its teachers and students before preaching and demanding division of India to nation in tax payer funded university-must meditate upon the fact that why are they acting for protection of traitors freedom of expression and not for the dignity of citizens of this country and their own parents?

Meditation is best answer-as physical bodies of all agitators show signs of fatigue- empty minds and pseudo activism -which is birth sign of communists of India-who have a history of helping Britishers  during freedom moment of India- today same bunch of jokers asking to protect-‘freedom of anti national speech’-

Bravo Indian communists- you have come a long way- from helping Britishers to glorifying enemy sponsored intellectual terrorism-

You guys must be thankful that India has not yet decided to lynch you or create a place like “Guatemala Bay” for you guys-this is sign of internal inbuilt democracy of India to bear political jokers in democracy- so heal and be grateful for a  nation-where working people-most of whom work 18 hours a day and soldiers who gave their life on borders fighting same enemy-whom you are glorifying- what will we tell to soldiers mothers and family?

Meditation and awakening to our own inner divinity is only solution for such people -or what else will save them from death of traitors?

India is always land of glorious spiritual people and it remains so-in spite of all Omar Khalids and their supporters and orphan communists-




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