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Quicker Manifestation formula for Youngsters


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February 2016
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Youngsters these days read and try to apply lot of LOA- in everything they do- and this is fantastic-just add two more laws in daily practice-so manifestation can be done without depression-and you are always on frequency of manifestation-

LOA is ultimate law of attraction after gravity governing the universe.In Practice when  we begin to use this law for manifesting a purpose,there is a mystery involved that seldom we receive exactly opposite of what we desired for-why this happens? And How to attract perfect Manifestation?Remember and Practice following and you will have right manifestation-

1] LOK-

Keep a constant watch on  what is the percentage of KARMA in your day to day life,that you can be proud of and feel good about.This is LAW OF KARMA- described at length in Bhagwat Geeta and main reason for our receiving all the circumstances,which we do not want.

If We are doing something which we do not like- same will happen with our circumstances- we will invariably receive what we d not like.

The way out is- if we learn to do whatever we have to do with love and affection with an effort to give more than what we receive- same will be repeated in our circumstances- now after reading this never wonder at why some people in your eyes have more than what they deserve- This is exactly what they have attracted in Past and today  they are having it effortlessly-so stop falling in depression when you see less deserving people having what you think you deserve- Everything in universe is accounted for -be absolutely sure of your own KARMA and forget about other deserve their success or not? Once you focus just upon your KARMA -you are bound to move ahead on path of success-as you have crossed first obstacle- “depression due to others success”.You just try to give little more against what you receive and keep accumulating-‘positive KARMA’

2] LOCR-

“LAW of Constant Remembering” is – never to forget what we want to manifest and keep remembering and feeling it without any complaint for delay ,knowing fully well that everyone receives everything at most appropriate time.When we  loose feelings for our cherished desire for a long time and waste time in reacting upon what is happening to others- we begin to face failure after failure-LOCR is applied here and here only –

only those achieve manifestation-who always remember to remember and remember to feel their desire.When you are absolutely sure and breathing success and even when you looked like complete failure,just remember these two Basic Laws ,while applying Magic and LOA and You are bound to succeed.

As Quick you are in applying these three laws in absolute balance-Quicker you find desires manifested-

[Book Excerpts- “Healing Now”-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar]

What is ‘Healing Now’ and how we are connected to ‘Soulmate Infinity’-

‘Healing Now’ is an organization co founded by Reiki Grand Master-Dr Kumudini Dhodapkar along with her son Anirudh, Grandson Tanmay –Eminent Healer- Payal Pankhi joined the organization as associate healer this year.

“Healing Now” provide online Self Healing Courses across the globe in a 30 minute everyday guided meditation sessions-

‘Healing Now’ workshops are based on specific requirements of participants- as per their –personal purpose –which they wish to heal through Reiki-Pranayam-Yoga –Mantra-Tantra and meditation.

“Healing Now” also provides Free Distance healing sessions and self healing trainees to the needy.

At “Healing Now”- healers and Yoga exponents are dedicated to find divine solutions to physical and mental diseases declared by modern medical sciences as-“Incurable”

At “Healing Now” healers are constantly working upon adding Mantra and Tantra to Yoga and Reiki & Pranayam to bring most divine healing practices.

‘Soulmate Infinity’ is a 4 day self healing course –along with prior and after 21 days of daily 45 minutes of ‘online guided meditation’ with a ‘Healing Now” healer-for couples and individuals who wish to attract or discover role of Tantra-Yoga and Pranayam in making all their soul relationships-

As Program is designed to discover the most dynamic spell that is Love and all its forms.

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Contact No-+919223297416

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