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How to Invoke ‘Higher Self’


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February 2016
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[20] Invoking the “Higher Self”-

Do you know –what is the difference between a contended happy and unhappy person.

Only difference is-one is attuned to her/his –‘higher self’ and other one is not.

It is fantastic –if they do not teach a child anything in school but just teach the kid to invoke-‘higher self’.

It is so important-still so historically ignored.

You have always told or you wanted to be-‘someone’ but never taught-

“How to become the ONE-you already are?”

They asked you to-study-to play- to be social-to go out with others but they never taught you to-

-Be Silent

-Go within

-Know your ‘purpose of life’

-Know your inner source of happiness

-Know what makes you happy

You will find people in best of the surroundings-with best of the people-still cribbing for this or that thing-why?

Because-they do not know where their true happiness lies- what makes them happy- what they should do to be constantly happy?

What is that can keep you in bliss in most challenging circumstances?

Your Politicians and Priests have since time immemorial killed anyone-who declared-

-I am son of God

-I am God

– I am messenger of God

Try saying this loudly in public forum and probability is that sooner or after-they’ll come after you- Do you know- Blissful people means end of organized Politics and Religion?

Who will donate to church or who will pay horrible taxes on the name of welfare of the world and humanity-because there will be no poor and no violence-

When everyone is divine- who will not share loaf of bread with neighbor and who will need to keep a army to fight neighbor-who will give birth to terrorists and why will they do mass murders to save ISLAM?

Politicians and Priests and lawyers and 99% Doctors will die hungry if humanity awakens to its-‘higher self’.

Truth and Bliss is your true nature.

You are legally taught to manipulate by making even pre nuptial agreements-filing Divorce cases-registering your marriages and paying taxes for something like food and water and fuel.

You cannot buy or sell anything without paying taxes to governments- you also need to pay tax on your hard earned income-why?

Because you fund a system to exploit you and keep on inspiring you to fight with each other- isn’t it the right opportunity to meet your divine friend-your very true- ‘higher self’.

Truth and Bliss is your nature.

Truth and Bliss are two divine gifts- we all are blessed with. More we invoke this in day to day life- more we become divine- so much so that we need not to pray to some outside God for help-we can shut our eyes-invoke our ‘higher -self’ and help is available.

Just look at yourself- what makes you feel so lonely-you have all your goodness and divinity intact inside you.

Do mercy on yourself- feel your breath- no one is charging taxes for breathing right now- so it’s free- feel your heart bit- this worker is working consistently even before you appeared on earth-inside your Mother’s womb- each and every function of body ceaselessly functioning-

This is all available to you for free- Eyes to see-heart to feel-feet to walk- Breath to inhale- how rich you are?

Now close your eyes and begin to observe your breath-

Wherever you are whatever you are doing-just begin to observe your breath-the moment you observe your breath-it gets synchronized automatically- let me tell you solutions to all your emotional –material –spiritual issues are here-

This is known as –

‘Attunement with Higher Self’

“If you are fortunate enough- you’ll give heed to my words and after every one hour- for as much time as you can-you will just observe your breath- silently –try to feel the silence and nothing else- as the thoughts come running- just bring them back to breath.”

If you can do this exercise 10 to 12 times a day after every hour –within three days- you will feel the same bliss in sleep also.

It’ll become a habit- as your soul asks for nothing else but this bliss-when you are accustomed to this bliss- please realize that this is what makes you blissful.

Whenever you run after things and people in search of happiness- it’ll always be temporary- it’ll always end in disappointment- whether you get them or lose them- disappointment is sure- as you are searching something outside –which is already an inseparable part of your –


This is the realization –which differentiate animals from divinity- till you do not realize your ‘Soul Infinity’-you can neither be happy nor make anyone happy-because you cannot give anything-which you do not have- this is why most of the so called ‘soul mates ‘ fall apart-as they try to extract happiness from each other –forgetting –what is their own true nature.

Best time to invoke your –‘higher self’ and merge into ‘Soulmate Infinity’ is-when you are disappointed with life- means when you are going through tough times-either in worldly life or in relationship.

This is not as much spiritual as practical it is.

The moment you are awakened to your breath –you are in bliss and bliss attracts bliss-soon people will be attracted to you-as everyone wants bliss around and within- They would love to respect you-and they would love to be with you forever-

This is the core principal of –what in world of TANTRA –known as-

“Being the Magnet”

And there will be an amazing thing- many people are sexy and many are very attractive- but you will be the ne-who will only attract the people –who are right for you and you are right for them-

So there will be no chance of any ‘accident’ on the path of new relationships around the corner.

This is what you always wanted-

‘Being in Love and to be loved’

Both things are a certainty now-

As you are your-‘higher self’ now.

[Book Excerpts- Soulmate Infinity]

What is ‘Healing Now’ and how we are connected to ‘Soulmate Infinity’-

‘Healing Now’ is an organization co founded by Reiki Grand Master-Dr Kumudini Dhodapkar along with her son Anirudh, Grandson Tanmay –Eminent Healer- Payal Pankhi joined the organization as associate healer this year.

“Healing Now” provide online Self Healing Courses across the globe in a 30 minute everyday guided meditation sessions-

‘Healing Now’ workshops are based on specific requirements of participants- as per their –personal purpose –which they wish to heal through Reiki-Pranayam-Yoga –Mantra-Tantra and meditation.

“Healing Now” also provides Free Distance healing sessions and self healing trainees to the needy.

At “Healing Now”- healers and Yoga exponents are dedicated to find divine solutions to physical and mental diseases declared by modern medical sciences as-“Incurable”

At “Healing Now” healers are constantly working upon adding Mantra and Tantra to Yoga and Reiki & Pranayam to bring most divine healing practices.

‘Soulmate Infinity’ is a 4 day self healing course –along with prior and after 21 days of daily 45 minutes of ‘online guided meditation’ with a ‘Healing Now” healer-for couples and individuals who wish to attract or discover role of Tantra-Yoga and Pranayam in making all their soul relationships-

As Program is designed to discover the most dynamic spell that is Love and all its forms.

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