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Using Anger to heal Heart,Diabetes,Asthma


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Healing the Heart,Diabetes,Asthma through Anger – PRANAYAM WAY-

Anger can be used to heal Heart and Diabetes.

We all know that most of the so called “to be maintained” diseases can be healed through all the suppressed anger and frustration inside you.
You name a modern day disease and bottled up frustration is accepted fundamental cause for that.
Now Can we use Frustration to heal?
Yes We can.
Same way-you have used frustration to manifest disease in your body.
It take decades of anger to create something like Artery Blockage or a minor heart attack.
If I tell you to give up anger- you know that it is not possible today.So I tell you to do -what is possible-Being Angry- Yes it is possible.
So Be Angry for one situation/person at a time.
Now -right now-bring in all the thoughts to your conscious mind and just watch your- BREATH.
Keep watching your breath now.
Just let every ounce of anger for that person come out- just keep watching your breath-
There are 34000 odd breaths available-which you can give to this angry cause- let’s see-after sometime-your breath will begun to mellow down and you will gradually feel that just watching breath is better then being with anger- this realization and practicing this time and again will fill you with need to be with your breath-
This will give you sense of relief that you have probably never knew-
This is the beginning- Can you see a “Sign” in this?
Your breath is telling you that – “I am the solution-discover me more.”
So Now as you have seen the first taste of relief- enter slowly into great treasure of YOGA and PRANAYAM available all around you.
Keep watching breath-till you are not convinced that -there is a solution to all my physical and emotional issues.
Add a prayer for guidance if you feel intuition to ask something.
This process in itself is so automatic that it’ll connect you to your path of healing-provided you keep practicing this consistently for 21 days.
Try this once in life if you are diagnosed and worried about above diseases manifesting in your body or wish to protect yourself from such diseases forever-sooner is better.

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Here is an invitation to all ,who are –

1] Fighting any so called incurable Disease.
2] Looking for healing in any aspect of life through Reiki,Mantra or Spell-It may be Money,Relationship.Break up-etc etc.
-This is 30 days- 30 minutes everyday personalized paid online interaction course in self healing and spell meditation- you can walk along the path of self healing to heal all material- physical and metaphysical needs for 30 minutes a day- BEING WITH A HEALER AVAILABLE TO YOU ONLINE IN THAT 30 MINUTES AND GUIDING YOU THROUGH MEDITATION -SPELL AND PRANAYAM- your online course is decided upon specific task you wish to achieve..]

Paid Trials for 3 days in “online course” and “Distance healing” – 3 students/patients a week are available on first come first and emergency basis.

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