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Healing the Disease-Awaken to power of healing within YOU


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Do you know you have the inherent power to heal all aspects of your life?

Any Disease included.

You have been conditioned to think that diseases are only treated by Doctors and medicine.

You have been conditioned to think that if something is wrong in body- it is treated by medicine only.

Do you know that you can heal any disease even before symptoms appear on body?

In the same way you can teach your children how not to fall ill?

Diseases take birth as thoughts in your mind and if thought itself is healed there is no possibility of manifestation of disease on your body.

If we watch our thoughts and know how to keep them pure –we will welcome the death one day as a healthy and happy person.

If you are completely healthy today following method will keep you healthy forever and if you have some small or so called big disease it is being healed now.

Our whole past- present and future life and well being is result of our Karma and our Thoughts.

If we need to heal disease –first thing we are going to work upon is our thought and that will automatically improve our Karma to make us happy and healthy.

It is very important what we think throughout the day and night.

Thoughts contain infinite potential to manifest.

Thought is the divine energy that can be used both the ways to make our life heaven and to make our life hell.

There are approximate 60000 thoughts passing through our mind every day- it is so much energy that all miracles in physical or metaphysical world can be done and are being done through this energy.

You also have the same source and energy which anyone before or after will have.

Then what is needed to heal completely is channelization.

There is only one way to channelize thoughts to direction of success in whatever aspect of life you want- it is meditation.

Meditation is very easy.

There are three ways to meditate-

1] Just focus on your breath

2] Focus on some universal word like- “AUM” or “OM”

3] Focus on a picture which reflects your divine desire.

You can also practice all three simultaneously.

If you practice being in one or other meditation alternately-means either on sound- picture or breathing- soon you will find clarity in circumstances around you.

And same clarity you will find within your body.

There will be vibrations of healing energy all across the body.

Healing cannot be defined- it is always experienced.

On the path of meditation and healing if any one thing will guide you- that is going to be your experience.

More healed you feel- more is the possibility of any disease being healed.

Please do not read much in description in nomenclature and description of diseases-


If you are not a medicine or healing student please note that you have no business to get in details of these names.

It is meant to scare the hell out of you.

It is their business to scare the hell out of you and sell you medical insurance, surgeries, medicines and what not?

Do you like a joker want to be a part of this circus?

You are concerned with your wellbeing only.

This knowledge is enough for you that you can heal yourself of any so called disease if you know one thing and that is –PRANAYAM- Science of Breathing.

There is a book in the form of a chapter- “Reiki&Pranayam- Anything and everything can be healed” at the end of this book-please read it and learn Pranayam and if possible get attuned you and your child in Reiki as this is cheaper and gives healing power to you, which no Doctor in the world posses in his hand and body.

If you believe that knowledge is power, than know that experience is the Proof. More you experience meditation- more you study Yoga and Pranayam more accustomed you become with science of physical well being.

Never discuss your disease or pain you are suffering from.

What is there in sharing the Pain or Suffering and you got to heal it now.

This is your pain and any amount of discussion with others will only bring more pain.

Whatever the disease it- it cropped and germinated in mind and you are going to heal it only by healing the mind.

Name of God or meditation on name of God always brings healing but problem is it has been systematically removed on the name of blind faith and replaced by pills.

I do not know how healing books like Quran, Bible, Ramayan, Hanuman Chalisa etc  has been removed from worship corner and finally that corner itself has been removed out. This has been done to devoid of healing resources God has provided to you to make you dependent on …………………………….If anyone of you wishes to have healing powers- they are available in form of Reiki and Pranayama- experience that and get attuned to that- it will change your life and you will use medicine and Doctors only if rarely you needed them and will not be slave to them and open for exploitation.

Just as a family you can pray holding hand of diseased – this itself will create healing vibrations at your home.

If you just teach your children Yoga, Pranayam and Reiki, you have given them every power to heal themselves and be the healing light in the life to anyone they meet.

Balance in breathing, routine and thoughts is key to healing at any point of time please understand that the moment emotional and spiritual reason for a diseases is healed all the pain will subsidies and steadily you will achieve complete healing.

So Know that Healing is Feeling, more you feel healed more paths of healing for any physical pain will come to you, the moment through a prayer you ask for healing from Divinity- your subconscious mind will attract anything and everything that is needed for your complete healing.

It is so difficult to feel healed when you are in pain but it is easy now- as you know that it is your right to be healed and when you ask in prayer healing is delivered to you always.

In the physical pain never forget to sit in a corner and ask for guidance to heal- as the prayer will go deep in your subconscious- at the right time right remedy will be provided to you- Divinity has protected you many times in many lives before- every child is protected without even asking so keep the faith- more faith you have on experiences which you have forgotten- more are the chances of healing.

The beginning of confidence in prayer is beginning of healing.

Please take it as a very good sign when a Doctor declares that –

“Possibility of survival is just 10%”

Or I’ve even listened-

“You will die in three years.”

I am alive after 7 years healthier and happier than that stupid Doctor.

Do not ever take a prediction about impossibility of being cured seriously.

Doctor is just showing limitation of his knowledge. As we all know that Doctors also die of any one of diseases for which they treat patients so why to take them seriously.

Do you know that if you do a costly executive full body medical checkup of anyone some kind of possibility of disease will be there?

So what are you bothered about?

Your Aim is simple- to heal and to heal completely.

So you must go back to the source which provides life and body to every soul.

Let us go back to energy-

Let us go back to silence and prayer.

Let us just feel the energy on diseased organ.

Try it the moment you take your focus to any organ- healing vibrations can be felt there.

Focus on one particular center is sign to energy that healing is needed here and healing flows in.

Try this and be assured that call for healing is always answered- even you are provided with guides and books and material and medicine which are needed for healing.

If you can trust on a person who are as mortal you, at least trust the divinity which is source of your being in this body.

There are no fees attached to this Faith.

You have received Life and Air as free gifts- now what proof it will take for you to trust the same power which gave you Life.

Once a Saint told me very blatantly-

“People feel helpless and become helpless as they just do not know which number to dial for help.”

He is so true, now you know which number to dial-

“Shut your eyes- watch your breath and ask for healing.”

It is as simple as written above- as Truth is always very simple and applicable.

Help is always available on call-you are just needed to ask and experience.

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