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“SUFI”-The only Healing Therapy for Islam and Terrorism


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It is unimaginable that youngsters from a religion with a tradition like SUFI -can  ever become victims of ISIS murderology-

Islam has the history of murdering Sufi saints and worshiping murderers-because politicians all over the world like Terrorists-as they provide easy opportunity  to politicians ,governments and secret agencies and arm dealers to earn Dollars and Power -it also provides sex slaves and human organs- that is why ruling classes all over the world will never forsake Terrorists-

Once upon a time USA- EUROPE -PAKISTAN and SYRIA  were breeding grounds of terrorism-which are today being turned into graveyards by same militants whom they fed and bred so long-this is known as Natural Justice.

In Mid 90’S till 2002 world was simply not interested in Terrorist attacks in India- today all of a sudden all wants to fight terrorism-that’s good but how?

You can eliminate ISIS but not MURDEROLOGY  that has infected so many Muslim youngsters across globe- there is only one way and it is in Islam only-

Now is the time when Islam needs to look into Sufi Spiritual tradition of -KHWAJA NIZAMUDDIN and AJMER SHARIF and many more across globe- where true Islam is still taught and practiced.

Surely the mentally sick and ideologically bankrupt Traditional Islamic scholars and Mullas can not ever teach true Islam -which is nothing but Religion of Goodwill-Prayer and Peace.

As Defined by Sufi teacher Ahmad ibn Ajiba– Sufism is-

“A science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the Divine, purify one’s inner self from filth, and beautify it with a variety of praiseworthy traits”

Just look at the Joke by Sufi Philosopher

“A sot became extremely drunk – his legs
And head sank listless, weighed by wine’s thick dregs.
A sober neighbour put him in a sack
And took him homewards hoisted on his back.
Another drunk went stumbling by the first,
Who woke and stuck his head outside and cursed.
“Hey, you, you lousy dipsomaniac,”
He yelled as he was borne off in the sack,
“If you’d had fewer drinks, just two or three,
You would be walking now as well as me.”
فرید الدین عطار

A Sufi scholar Zarina Bibi defines Sufism as-

“Islam and Sufism are one. Teaching that to understand Islam one must be a lover, how can one understand Islam when the heart is empty of love.”
Zarina Bibi

This is the right time for world and Islam to awaken to reality and respect this true form of Islam- include  it as world spiritual heritage and subject in universities-and spread Sufi Science among Muslim Youngsters-most of whom have never ever heard of SUFISM or have been told by MULLAS that SUFISM is Blasphemy-

Time to arise and embrace the true Islam-that is SUFISM-


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  2. This article is written in response to all those-who either glorify violence on the name of Islam or those who consider Islam as threat to humanity- true religion that is Islam is found and being practiced by SUFI’S all over the world-but this community is supressed and never recognized and respected- we at “Healing Now” wish to learn and spread Sufi Spiritual practices and way of thinking-


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