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Self Healing for Youngsters- Book Preview


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March 2016
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self healing for youngsters

[“Self Healing for Youngsters”-Book Preview- Author-Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]

Link to Book –


[5] “E”- Energy Attunement-

You are a power house.

Many teachers of law in past have come up with fantastic practices to make us “Energy Balls”-

We must be live wire- life is a gift-an opportunity to be the power house of creative energy-

Success in any effort depends upon kind of energy you invest in it- how to be energetic all the time?

Under any circumstances your capability to be full of energy is what defines your ratio of success in whatever you do.

Your body is fully capable to endure any challenge provided you train your conscious and subconscious mind to generate energy- anytime under any challenging situation-you just needed to tap the source of energy-

First and foremost source to generate energy is your ‘thoughts’-

And your second source of energy is your ‘feelings’




Try doing experiments-as under and you will know-how much energy you can preserve everyday-

Starting at morning as you open your eyes to in the night when you close eyes to sleep just keep observing and writing your thought process in four columns-

1] Thought No-[1, 2, 3, 4]

2] Time it took- [10-15-5-7-2 minutes]

3] Feeling it generated- positive- scary- greedy-fearful-delighted-ecstatic


This practice is bit tough but once in a life time you do it for 12 odd hours- you will know it for yourself that how much energy you put in positive-useful thoughts and what feeling and thoughts run across your mind within waking hours-[forget about sleeping hours-as we will do a practice that will make your sleeping hours most productive time]

Most of the youngsters will be amazed to know- what they think consistently- whether it is useful or not?

Girls and Boys in age bracket of 9 to 99 can no via this practice- what is there energy level and where they invest most of their emotional energy-

Your current life is exact reflection of what you think and feel all day along.

Energy is enhanced or decreased by ‘thought’ we focus upon-If we keep focusing upon ‘scarcity’- ‘envy’- ‘greed’- our face and personality reflects that-


And most of our entire life situation will reflect that-

You can be super rich and still look and feel like a ‘beggar’-and you can be ‘poor’ and be as dignified as ‘rich’. It depends upon kind of thoughts we focus upon- our situation-body and surroundings reflect the same.

In 12 hours of time-you will know- what thoughts you need to focus upon and what thoughts to be trashed away-

Do this experiment with yourself –Now you know from which thoughts and feelings you receive energy and which feelings suck your energy.


I am yet to meet a person –oh I do not know this fact- everyone tells me-yah I know this –so what?

So What?

You decide what you need to do?



Because this is the fact that we all know but still we keep brewing useless thoughts of fear-greed-envy etc.

Biggest question for any person wise enough to adopt ‘self healing’ practices is this-

How to think-feel and do good only?

Answer is here-

“Intentionally think-feel and do good.”

A fact is needed to be experienced-

What is easy?

Feeling worst or feeling better?

Answer is –‘feeling better’ is easy but we invariably ‘feel worst’ in spite of us- we do not know why and when a single thought drags us to feeling worst.

This is the right reason.

This means we have no mastery over our thoughts- we do not think what we want to think but we think what incidents and situations and mostly people around us makes us think.

What we need to learn is how to practice mastery over our thoughts?

And this is so simple-

Through a single PRANAYAM practice-you can throw out all toxic thoughts and feelings out of your body.

Please know that your Body is temple and MIND is the presiding deity in your body- as you’ll dive deeper in self healing practices to improve your life- you will experience that a peaceful healthy body is primary source of happiness-

More you are comfortable with your body-more your thoughts are synchronized to make your life better.

Whatever you do in life-please find some time to give love and care to your body.

As more inclined-you are- towards ‘healing your body’-more you progress on path of healing your life.

Whatever physical exercise you like- Running-Gym-Swimming-games etc-please be regular in it- at least thrice a week.

And with this please add something like PRANAYAM or YOGA to make your life absolutely bliss because PRANAYAM and YOGA heals you on the level of soul consciousness also- Whenever in life you feel like-I need more energy-more wellbeing-more happiness-YOGA and PRANAYAM are two self experienced practices I recommend to you-

One of the meanings of PRANAYAM is “Balancing the Life Energy”.

In this book we will run through selected PRANAYAM practices- as and when needed-

Here are two basic practices-



Please do it with empty stomach-preferably after bath- the last meal and KAPALBHATI gap must be more than 5 hours.

“Just sit still on the floor- press your stomach in and throw the breath out through nostrils- keep pressing the stomach in and breath out-[watch any videos available on Youtube]-keep pumping stomach inside and air through nose outside- more you practice –more you’ll be able to do it nonstop for 5 to 10 minutes- This also a fantastic practice to reduce weight –if you do it 20 minutes in 5 hours interval twice a day-

As you finish this practice-just throw all air out and be still –without inhaling or exhaling as long as you can-

[This is known as basic BAHYA PRANAYAM]

You can do both of these by watching free videos by Baba Ramdeo or V K S Aiyangar on YouTube-

Do this favor to yourself-if you feel like running a chain of fearful and uncomfortable thoughts about anything in your mind.As you sit straight with complete breath out-feel the VACCUME-which is generated by not inhaling or exhaling anymore-

This is the state of being –most comfortable to avoid energy sucking thought processes.

There are 7 to 9 Basic PRANAYAM Practices- but I want serious youngsters –who are truly interested in design the life as per their life purpose- to start with this Energy practice and be glorious in life.

This Practice of “Being in Vacuum” is a divine state for preparing your body and mind to attract invisible angelic forces –which are so eager to help worthy students of Self Healing.



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