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“Just Do It”-JDI factor & Success


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March 2016
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[Book Preview-“Self Healing for Youngsters”- Author Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]


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Those who do not have JDI factor in all aspects of life are not youngsters- they may be 17 but they are as good as 71- as you’ll here many 71 years youngsters whining-

“If I would have just done ……………at young age-Life would have been different.”

If there is any one self healing practice that is sure recipe for success-it is-“JUST DO IT” policy.

How you have lived everyday of your life is reflected by how quick or slow you are in doing the things that you decide to do.

“We will do it tomorrow” is ‘International anthem’ of lazy and useless people-

If you are discovering ‘self healing’ the first utmost useful thing that you’ll apply in your life is-

“Everyday practicing some pre decided things under any circumstances without fail.”

Magic and Miracles happen surprisingly in every SHT practitioners life but sustained consistent magic in all aspects of life is ‘true sign’ of a “Self Healing Practitioner”.

Another most important sign is-

“A tough phase comes to every Self Healing Practitioners life but it makes them stronger and more successful in life-they overcome difficulties with grace and dignity.”

Why so?

Because-JUST DO IT is a common day to day policy of SHT Students and Masters.

In India we have many glorious examples like let

“Shri Satya Sai” to “Doctor V” to “Baba Ramdeo” of today –who have established social and commercial enterprises of mesmerizing integrity and profitability in healthcare-educare and social welfare- Dr V created series of Arvindam Eye Care Hospitals-where a poor can walk in and choose ‘free’ category to get cataract surgery done-whereas Shri Satya Sai created 2 Super specialty hospitals plus a university without any payment counter- Baba Ramdeo instigated Yoga and Healthcare Products revolution- maintaining a ever increasing Millions of Dollar worth of Retail Enterprise.

These three guys born in abject poverty and rose to become saints-who initiated a health and social awareness revolution in 1980-90’s poor India-which was not a super economic power then and was known as one of the poorest countries on planet.



You check with any great achiever-they have a daily routine- They are never too busy to not finish their exercise regime- certain routine task they do on time-m they hardly ever have pending work-

They have a simple policy of doing everything on time-that is why they are always free to explore new ideas and ventures while others are busy in earning day to day bread.

Success can be your companion and you can be happy doing your studies and passing your exams comfortably-if you do not delay today’s class work for tomorrow- there are no examination nightmares and no memory loss during test-if you simply study and revise regularly.

This seems very bookish but fact is that if anything that you should must learn from school system- that is discipline of doing things on time-if you just learn-

This much in 12 odd years you spend in school and 3 odd years in college-it will be worth paying all that fees by your parents.

There are few of the many factors which stops you from doing –task in front of you immediately-

1] You don’t like it

2] You have more important things to do

3] Other plans with friends comes up

4] You are simply not in the mood

There are such innumerable reasons to not to ‘just do it’-but please note that there is only ONE REASON to just do a task.

There is just ONE reason to do and 1000 reasons to not to do a task on time- still kids choose one or few of the 1000 odd reasons for not doing the task on time.

Let us learn how not to delay a task-

Before you close your eyes for night please understand that one day of life is over –tomorrow will be a new day-are you able to sleep tonight without any regret?

You need not to be in tension but you must understand your responsibility towards your own life- it is your own life and you are the only one –who is responsible for it- when you fail to achieve your pre decided target –who else is going to lose confidence?

Not only you but also the people around you-

You may give a damn to others but what about yourself?

You are the only one responsible for your wellbeing-if you give damn to others-

You only become divine –when you stop expecting favors and stop blaming others in life-This is a fantastic habit in youngsters that they wish to have everything with –“MY WAY” attitude-


This is in fact not an arrogance- it is simply inner call to work on own instinct-

Invariably if you will work out your life style in your ‘own way’ –you will be more responsible for others-and you generally receive help from all quarters when you are expecting it least and in your own way you are helping others-

“Just do it”

Symbolizes the ‘inner voice’- you got to be more meditative and always try to listen to your-‘inner voice’ in all matters-as inner voice never misguides- it is always moral-ethical and correct way to take a decision by pondering upon your-‘inner voice’ in a particular matter-inner voice never misguides- sometimes easy options may be advised by others but ‘inner voice’ is the best option and you can test it anytime in your life. Whenever fear clouds your mind-stay still- ask yourself- what shall I do now?


Wait for the answer- as subconscious mind immediately get connected to universal intelligence and sources of invisible help-whenever someone in trouble asks for help- it definitively reaches to the person-

Look into amazing escapes from jaws of the death and trouble or observe the statements of people lucky enough to walk out safe from ‘war zone’- or noble award winner Malala’s story- [The Girl who took decision to walk to school in Taliban infected Afghanistan and shot all over and today survived to win noble award and now inspiring every child who is in trouble] all indicates that they listened to ‘inner voice’ prayed for help and help reached them unfailingly-

You can overcome any abuse-violence- life situation-if you have practiced listening to ‘inner voice’ and you are always willing to –‘just do it’-once you are guided by inner voice-


You need to feel and act responsible for your action and not to expect anything from anyone-but you need not to feel alone-

Trust your work

Trust what you are doing is important and people who need it are being subconsciously attracted towards what you have to offer-

The sooner you start to think towards your life purpose-sooner you will hear inner and invisible guidance for steps to be taken to reach your goal-

As being young and with unconditional thinking –your conscious mind will easily accept subconscious suggestions and you will decide to-“JUST DO IT”.

But as you grow old- your ‘intuition’ and capacity to immediately attract positive guidance becomes dull-as now you know too much about world and its ways- you have listened enough ‘self pity’ stories and you have formed a opinion about everything.

And most of all- you need proof for everything before you try-instead of trying and making opinion-you now demand ‘proof of existence’ of everything that is Magic- It is a saying in Magician community-“You got to become a magician to understand magic’.”

Same applies here-

You need to invoke miracle to experience miracle- as no one owes you anything to provide you readymade proof- this is why most of the ancient texts and mystic books are kept in secret and only worthy can use it- it is very simple- you even keep your cash in Bank and use it via cards-you do not carry all the cash on street-right?

Then Why anyone should expect that they will practice or invoke miracles only when they will have ‘living proof’-to tell you the truth-a voice continuously ringing in your ears-that magic is possible in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aspect of life-even you secretly feel the need of a miracle in ………………aspect of life but why miracle will happen to you –if you are not willing to practice-what is needed to invoke miracle in all aspects of life.

Practicing the silence enough to listen-‘inner voice’ and act upon it with ’just do it’ attitude is your first step to miracle- all miracles are invoked by people –who listen to intuitive guidance- feel the urge to practice it and prove to themselves- so if you wish to proceed on the path of manifestation-

Here is the spell-

Spell-10-“J”- Just Do It-[JDI]-

Shut your eyes and focus upon sensation between your throat and eyes-begin to feel and visualize SKY between your throat and eyes- Feel this area from beginning of throat to just below the eyes [do not include eyes]-feel and be the sky- more your existence is overlapped by sky-

Let the sky define your existence- as you are now entering in world of manifestation-just have a feeling that you are now receiving guidance and remember any one aspect or purpose of life where you seek guidance”

Make this practice your favorite pass time-as and when you need to establish connection with infinite intelligence-

There are no words-no affirmation-‘being sky’ is your invitation to ‘intuition’ and inner voice-

You might see very clear events and happenings of future through this practice- as this gives an opportunity to ‘subconscious mind’ to connect you with important mile stones and your ‘soul’ desires from many lives-



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