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Taxation is the root cause of corruption?


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Taxation is the root cause of corruption.Taxation from its origin remained a tool in the hands of Kings and later Democratic governments to exhort money from common people.

World has changed but Taxation is same,People in power wish to exhort money from people to run so called administration and public welfare  schemes and on the name of defending the country from neighboring countries.

What a reverse growth in civil sensibilities, Why we need to fight and protect ourselves from another human beings?
Isn’t there suppose to be difference between animals and human beings?

Fact is ,Politics and politicians are very safe till the poverty and wars and terrorism remains.

On the name of Panama Leaks we the citizens got our favorite opportunity to call politicians and successful people as crooks and cheats,whereas If we have 10 Million Dollar and 30% of it we are needed to pay to government[ Which spends it on buying weapons and creating conflicts], We will also look for a safe heaven to protect our money.

Already everyone pays for everything that we receive,Electricity-water-food-health -Don’t we? If everyone is willing to pay for all services that they receive then why Governments are needed to collect the Taxes,In one of the Indian state Delhi,Local government used Taxpayers money to increase salaries of elected representatives by many hundred percent,that is why sensible people will  resist taxation, as people work hard to earn whatever they earn and governments only work hard to terrorize people via taxation,so that many more opportunities to generate black money from public welfare schemes can be generated.

Isn’t this right?

We ,as Societies and Nations will not heal till we are not willing to improve from within.

This is the crux of Panama Leaks, go ahead call others Cheats and Frauds, because you don’t have enough money to hide or be awakened in reality of individual freedom and avoid this nonsense talk, so that more time can be given to improve our own self,the moment we will begin to heal ,all our illegitimate children like corrupt politicians and others will also heal.

Let us accept our responsibility as parents and no one will ever create any PANAMA to hide their money,as it will be useless piece of trash if we stop giving importance to these people and their money, only place they would love to keep money is with own national banks ,as no one will be penalizing them for being rich,as far corrupts are concerned,they will become jokers ,as no importance or representation will be granted to them as elected representatives, so what will they do with their ‘evil money’-if no one needed it.







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