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UNO &VETO Power-Mockery of Human Rights and Chinese shield to Terrorists


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April 2016
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Believe it or not,the way CHINA used VETO power to protect a Pakistani Terrorist is a great example of how UN Security Council has become most undemocratic organization enslaved by 5 nations-who have VETO powers.

It is crystal clear that ,most of these five countries at some point of time has supported Islamic Terrorism and other than China rest of four are now paying heavy price in their own countries., It is good that now these countries are suddenly waking up from slumber and trying to fight Terrorism,which was supported by them as human rights struggle at some point of time.

CHINA is one of the biggest culprit as far as selling of weapons and selling warfare to terrorist organizations, so CHINA definitely at every time opposes anything that threatens to destroy terrorism,

In meanwhile after 70 odd years of ending slavery and colonialism, rest of the world is still accepting countries like America,China,Russia,France and Britain as world leaders,for what?

For absolutely nothing-in modern world order there is no place of any world leader country, and how will you guarantee human rights to all world citizens when worlds biggest organization UNO and UNSC is under VETO whip by these five countries.

Either there should be no VETO or all must be provided by VETO or every decision must be taken via vote.

How you can provide human rights to every citizen when uppermost body UNO runs like a monarchy shared by 5 countries ,which are at this point of time in emerging new world order struggling to keep the pace with intellectual and economic growth standards.

So Human Rights organizations first of all must fight either oppose and change this UNO leadership pattern or rest of the countries must boycott UNO  and come together to create a new Democratic world organization.

This is the right time to shed stupid old fashioned world diplomacy and enter into a democratic Era which provides human rights and dignity to every country and human being,so the all can come together and eliminate Terrorism and reform  it’s hidden supporters hiding in garb of UNSC VETO power.

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