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If Terrorists have Human rights what about 2 Lakh Victims on Street of Delhi?&What about Terrorist sympathizers of J&K?


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Terrorists are killing hundreds of innocent women and children everyday,as and when these animals are caught they are needed to be tried under law,whereas Terrorists are free to kidnap ,kill and bomb anyone.

As Terrorism enters in countries which supported human rights for terrorists fr years,everyone is forced to think that you can apply human rights on human only, a person who kills unknown people can not be treated with dignified constitutional laws which provides rights to defend to worst of inhuman criminals.

Someday we got to understand the consequences of protecting human rights of  inhuman mass murderers.

More dangerous than Terrorists are their intellectual supporters,Journalists and politicians ,who for petty benefits calling Terrorists as Militants and talking in same language as JNU Students of India, Communists across world and people who label armed forces as Rapists.

What are we doing for these dangerous white collar Jokers?

In a state like Jammu &Kashjmir teachers in NIT and Police Cops almost keeping out of state Indian students as hostages and doing everything to humiliate Indian constitution and Nation.

Outside India Kashmiri Muslims are publicized as harassed people,fact is they are fully protected and tolerated in spite of open anti national activities on streets. More than 2 Lakh Kashmiris are kicked out of their homes and leaving in refugee camps in their own country ,due to terrorist supportive governments.What about them?

If this government calls itself nationalist,Isn’t this the right time to save innocent people from becoming refugees in own country and opening the doors of Kashmir for rest of India ,so terrorist sympathizers run away or caught red handed.

Not a single Terrorist supporter organization ,like JNU Communist student outfits or even congress ,saying a word about safety,security and torture of Indian students in their own country and in a Indian state J&K by terrorist linked teachers and other administrative/police officers.

This is continue to happen from last 10 days as PMO &Education Ministry very busy in conducting inquiries.

Even so called “BHARAT MATA KI JAY” brand nationalist organization RSS is also silent ,why? Because they want to have pie of power in state governance with terrorist sympathizer PDP government-what an Indian Tragedy.

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