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Donald Trump Fever -End game for TV/Print Media& Typical politics-Social Media is decisive factor


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Terrorism is reflection of inner violence we have bred in youngsters across the centuries on the name of cast ,creed and religion.Politicians and Priests always wanted masses to be uneducated in terms of soul unity among all human beings.

It continues till date and it is clearly reflected in American support to  candidate Donald Trump, who is calling for stringent measures against communities and people who indirectly ignite and bred terrorism.

USA and its humanized democratic intellect is stumbling because now terrorists are knocking the doors of all those countries ,who have earlier almost glorified Taliban as freedom fighters.

People want policy against interfering in other peoples matter and endangering own national security by harboring terrorists for so called diplomatic supremacy.

Future is tough for politicians as social media and not the sold out prejudiced professional media is going to decide the fate of world politics and politicians. So now politicians will not be able to change by sponsoring Media and creating favorable trends.

If they want to buy ,they’ll need to buy all the internet connected voters and this is the fact that’ll be last nail in coffin of old style politics,Donald Trump loses or wins, shear support for him shows that voters are sick of professional /traditional politicians and their rubbish on the name of working for safety of security.

As all those who gets killed in terror attacks are common people only and point to be noted that terrorist find it simple to kill common citizens  and politicians also find it simple to exploit common citizens.

Soon this stupidity is to end,only the people who are serious about eliminating terrorists and show the guts to replace terrorism with human unity across globe and will make efforts to minimize military and more education will succeed in becoming leaders.




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