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Poverty ,Depression,Education are real misery and mother of Terrorism


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At this point of world history,youngsters are the last hope to save humanity .

And this is the last time when we need to think what is the basic issue to be addressed to heal humanity. It is Terrorism or Cause of Terrorism?

When world leaders busy in first producing and than eliminating terrorists, we must think and act upon real causes which we need to address.These issues are Poverty,Depression and Education of all kind,value and skill both included.

While rest of the world busy in hating the Muslim Youth, Muslim youth feels lonely,deprived and humiliated ,looked upon as a potential Terrorist.

There can not be a policy to heal Terrorism without healing abject poverty,illiteracy,lake of skill and modern education and depression among Muslim Youth.

As misguided religious concepts like ‘Jihad’ works like Ecstasy to an uneducated and depressed situation,same will happen with a Hindu or Christian ,if they are all looked across the world as potential danger and mass murderers.

Can we understand the depression of a community where a 13 year old school boy is questioned for hours in Britain for misspelling Terrace as Terrorist,What will we think about Britishers if we are that 13 year old Boy? or his parents?

In India Muslims are safer than in any other part of world, in a Indian state of Kashmir,here is a different issue, since Muslims are in majority in this Indian state, children have been taught to treat outsiders even Police and Army and students from other states as intruders, that is why here they want to hurl Pakistani flag to show the misplaced solidarity to a rough state where Muslims are being massacred by Muslim every third day.

Kashmir was once upon a time,paradise on earth,today it is self created hell by Muslim youth,whose elders destroyed the state to such level that they kicked out all non Muslim Kasmiris out of state and spitting upon bread and butter of own families ,which were in tourism business.

This situation can only be handled when instead of living like Ghetto ,Muslim Youth is inspired to go to rest of the world and non Muslims work in Muslim area,which is the only way to show a Muslim youth that world is in 21st century fast becoming a global village whereas Muslims are still living in Kabila style Ghettos.

At the same time terrorists to be dealt as mass murderers and not as militants or as some nations choose to call them Militants and Rebels and even revolutionaries.

You can not look at a normal Muslim Youth suspiciously and give importance to Terrorists by trying to create dialogues with them.

This is what we need to do,step by step with prayer and lots of healing, first by cleansing our mind and treating Muslim youth equal to our own children, than we’ll immediately understand their depression and intellectual poverty .

Without treating Muslim children equal to our own,how can we distract them from ISIS and many such murderer communities ,which calls them as their own and promise a land of Islam by eliminating all non Muslims.

[Book excerpts- “Self Healing”-Author-Anirudh M. Dhodapkar]




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