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“YOGA”& Science of achieving your Goal


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“Science of doing a task successfully is YOGA”

What we are being taught in traditional schools with burden of 8 hours of classes and many books is to how to feel burdened and defeated while accomplishing a task.

For example even a game like Rugby or Cricket is made so competitive in a school play ground that it seems more for glory and less for sheer joy of playing that it is designed to provide.

If you are playing something and if you are not in team of 11 or 14 in school or college- you are a ‘dumb’-This is the kind of nonsense created by Education Mafia to make education more and more tedious- so that half of the student’s in spite of true interest and flavor could not pass it and so only selected few are taken to next level- these aspiring failures in later life becomes good slaves- as they are convinced to be ‘losers’ through a systematic conspiracy called ‘exam’ and ‘assessment’.

So that every parent spend maximum on sending their children to private schools for an opportunity for their children to not to labeled and treated ‘losers’ like them in future.

Fact is that whether it is a Bill Gates in USA or Dhirubhai Ambani in India or thousands of such successful people all over the globe never needed an university education to be millionaires –they only needed an Idea and guts to implement that idea at any cost. Every youngster is full of amazingly innovative ideas to improve this world but what Education Mafia focus upon is how to scuttle the innovation and how to make them run of the mill Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers etc.

Will someone tell me –what will befall in this world-if everybody is given an opportunity to study free whatever she or he want to study?

Do you know what will happen?We will have amazing performers-who had failed eighth standard in traditional school and became extra ordinary Doctors.

If you will understand this at beginning of your life that –what you aim to innovate and create is more important in life then any X, Y or Z degree –then you’ll receive every bit of knowledge- once you sat your eyes firm on your Goal.

There is a practice to find your ’life purpose’ and discover the success-

Have you ever made to practice this particular PRCTICE in school?


Fact is that –there is a campaign to ban all the books –which contain amazing magical spells to enrich humanity, must be banned as religious fundamentalist books to create a so called secular world?

How many of you youngsters have been given the opportunity to read –‘Psalms’ and ‘Verses’ from Bible – Geetha –Quran-these books are converted into Doctrine of Terrorism by sheer misinterpretation-and rest of the world just wish to avoid these magic books?

In this book- you will simply discover the A to Z practices to enable you to dream big and achieve Big under any circumstances-

These practices are not restricted to any ‘class’ or ‘creed’- as they only teach art of “Tax Management” only in a MBA-Accounting class- first they tax the people – then they create certified tax consultants to tell people –how to avoid taxes-this is not the way with “Self Healing ” Practices- Prayers-Mantra- Affirmations-Tantra and Spells- they are for anyone and everyone –who takes first step in form of a decision to heal her /his life.




Being Young and less qualified may be a hindrance in path of-you becoming a Graduate Engineer but there is no pre qualification needed for you to be master of your destiny and angel of happiness for all.

This book is based upon simple spiritual practices-which activate your sub conscious to attract everything –that is needed for you right now and forever.

You are in this world with a ‘purpose’ to contribute in most positive manner –not to be worried and anxious for whether you’ll pass this 12th grade exam and whether you will have entry in desired college or not?

You have been never told that-

“Constant Fear and worry for Future is very fundamental cause of wasted talent and sure Failure.”

You have been kept frustrated and worried for future for only one reason-

“To make you low paid slaves”

This is the reason why people who work on ground are paid less than people who are kept to keep them frustrated-I am talking of “Human Resource Managers”.

This is the reason why people are needed to be managed – So that they never realize their true Value and keep on earning for their managers and people who pay these managers.

If as a youngsters- you discover your True Value-

And if you will know exactly- how to achieve what you are sat to achieve- no one will be able to manage you-as you will be-


There are practices of Self Healing –in this book-which will attract right people –right circumstances and right remuneration for your efforts- You will receive anything you need to achieve your goal without becoming worried and frustrated and without giving up simple joys like young age fun-dating and romance- No systematic or organized effort will ever succeed to derail you from your goal-no social pressure- no poverty- no so called competition will ever cross your path to ultimate glory-

Wishing you all the glory and consistency in practices which suits you most to heal your life and achieve your life purpose-

With Love..Light and Reiki-

Anirudh M.Dhodapkar



[ Book Excerpts-forward- “Self Healing for Youngsters”- Author- Anirudh M.Dhodapkar]


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