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Hate ‘Indian Workers’ campaigns won’t work for USA &EUROPE


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In a world which is fast turning into global village, hating people, who are coming in our country and earning good money is not going to work for next generation European and US citizens. Since the time immemorial , people leave there motherland due to ambition or poverty. In both cases it is not criminal ,if they are not going to other countries to exploit and kill others. Universe is not created in nations and societies , universal laws are same and work in same fashion for all.

Whether you believe it or not, who are at ‘top’ today will fall to ‘bottom’ and oppressed of today may be oppressors of tomorrow. Power ,Wealth and earth  belongs to brave. People from particular  Race , Nation or Religion can declare themselves ‘supreme’ but all such Nation and Leaders and Religions die Dogs death. This is law and this is history. Instead of mine and thine let’s develop a vision to look whole universe as our home . Let’s look at needy and poor as our own and soon we will find the world without war, Birth of ‘Terrorism’ signifies failure of ‘human unity’-greed and oppression of less fortunate-if we end ‘root cause’ we also gradually end violence. Instead of asking others to destroy nuclear weapons if 5 security council members destroy own weapons,world will be more safer and human.

So The moment we begin to become change we want- world too become correct. A person working in a USA call center from India is not ‘national shame’- national shame is that USA Education system is collapsing, people have less skills and demanding more, that is why business houses run towards huge human resource in developing educated countries, it is time to introspect and not to hate others.



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