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Mr Prime Minister, Why debate Farmers Suicide , When you allow Loan Sharks to charge 40% interest?


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It is strange that Prime Minister  of India everyday announces a new scheme with names like -“Skill India” etc and projects himself as pro entrepreneur Politician, just less than 700 kilometers from place where he is making everyday speeches a farmer Baljit Singh and his wife publican commit suicide ,as a loan shark with Police approaches to confiscate his 2 acres of land  for the mere loan of less than USD 3000/ , after charging 60% per year interest, this loan shark was equipped with a court order to confiscate land, where in England an Indian MP, negotiating coolly with government his terms to return to India after being allowed to fly away with more than Rs 9000 Crore Loan from Government Banks as a willful defaulter.

What kind of honesty,integrity and skill you wish to develop Mr Prime Minister ,when you simply can not curb illegal interest charging of 40 to 60% right under your knows?

This Prime Minister never leaves a chance to inform people about his widow mother and his childhood as a tea vendor- what kind of commitment you are showing against poor of India who chose you to power?

Mister Prime Minister ,Is it  not possible to stop this organized Loan Crime, where government banks land money to these sharks on 14% and they charge farmers 60%?

If it hurts interests of a few in your own party ,please AT LEAST STOP ABUSING POOR by telling them that you are here as their representative to provide them work and dignity,is it too much to ask?



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