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Elections like USA& INDIA are TV Show only- If “Right to Recall MP’S”is not included in civil rights


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All the Enemy that Donald Trump in USA or Narendra Modi in India or ‘PANAMA LEAKS” on internet indicates to us are not our true enemies.

Our True Enemies are our  double standards in all aspects of life.

Our True enemy is Poverty.

Poverty in all aspects of Life- Education-Food-Water-Home- justice.

Whether it is India or USA, Law is only for oppressed and poor, everyone else who can hire  good lawyers and accountants is above the law.

Politicians will always talk and vouch for helping poor and oppressed  and work always for powerful and corrupts. This is the brief moral of any kind of Democracy anywhere in the world.

Professional politicians are worst byproducts of Democracy and socialism. As once public elects a representative, they provide a blanket licence to this politician to work as per her/his will for next 5 years,that is how world suffers people like George Bush not once but twice and India suffers hundreds  of politicians who simply do exact opposite of what they promise to deliver.

Reason is- once election process is complete, politicians need voters only after 5 years when their term in office is over. They use these 5 years to serve the people who finance election campaigns and political parties, fact is true masters to all democratic leaders are not ‘voters’ who elect them but the ‘financiers’ who finance elections.

Otherwise every five years ‘Elections’ are like Seasonal “TV Show” for news channels,

What is the ‘power’ of voters ,if they could not recall a Prime Minister,President or Member of Parliament anytime during his/her tenure?

Democratic right designers and those who are fighting for ‘human rights’ must for once press for ‘Right to Recall’ to be included in every democratic electoral process.

In Anna Hazare is fighting for these electoral reforms and anyone who loves democracy and who want this corrupt generation of politicians must be thrown to trash bean of history like age old monarchy must think -act and unite for this common global right.





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