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SECRET of Human Suffering lies in avoiding those who are unfortunate


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May 2016
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 Every other day boats full of Syrian refugees are refused refuge or some even sink in sea but all our Popes, Priests, Indian saints ,politicians and even Islamic Leaders are so casual about it. As if these brothers ,sisters, children are not our own and not even as beloved as our pet animals. Why this inhumanity?

Why we as human being treat fellow human with such an insensitivity?

Forget them , In India in their own homeland , thousands of Kashmiri Pandit’s are forced to live as refugees in other states and Delhi but no one bothers about them.

Now we should not ask questions like, why there is so much violence and injustice in this world?

As we are the ones who begin this every time we avoid and ignore and even kick away unfortunate fellow human beings.

As Global citizens, until and unless we do not at least pray for even 2.4 minutes in 24 hours a day for those who are passing through ‘tough times’ , we have no right to feel proud in being democratic societies.

Because ,Time never remain constant, if we ignore injustice today and not even bother to pray for unfortunate brothers, sisters ,children this same ‘misfortune’ is sure to fall upon us and upon our own, whether we are Americans,Chinese,Indian, French or whatever identity ,we feel proud of.

This is the law of ‘fortune’, take it or leave it.

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