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What about Human Rights of Refugees,who are left to die in mid sea and kept in fence like animals?


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criminal by choice (1)

We are worried and scared about threat of organized terror networks, who can bomb us any day anywhere but what about fellow human beings thrown out of homelands?

Asylum seeking boats drowning everyday in mid sea with women ,children and families and world is just talking about them?

We are willing to free the world from terrorism but how can we stop terrorism till we keep treating people like animals,who come to ask for asylum to our country. Why?

Because displaced people are mostly poor and powerless, they have no ‘super power’ big brothers behind, who 10 years back supported same ISIS ,which they are trying to eliminate now.

Do you think that anger,frustration and humiliation that these people are facing from our governments will make them feel good about USA,UK and France or all that countries which plainly refuse to provide them temporary shelter.

World wants to save tigers and lions but what about human child, forced to be humiliated and sick due to ‘world order’ that first breeds and than tries to eliminate Terrorism.

As human beings for a while if we can see faces of our children in children of refugees ,we would immediately realize our double standards as human rights champions-fact is we as a society worried about glamorous causes only, we have no intention of helping people who are not related to us, terrorists are doing the same,only difference is they are not as big a hypocrite as we are.

“CRIMINAL BY CHOICE” is a book about story of two child prostitutes in world pf Mafia,gangs,politicians and drugs across the borders of India and Pakistan and explores the evil side of sophisticated democracies and religious states.

Author dedicates the book to youngsters of world, who do not believe in borders of cast,creed ,religion and political thoughts and see everyone as equal ‘global citizen’ to create a world without borders and discrimination.

Kindly bless the book with review on kindle scout link as under-

“CRIMINAL BY CHOICE”-Book Preview Link

criminal by choice (1)


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