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Make Loneliness a ‘Magic Wand’ to manifest happiness


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Many fortunate people in this world are cheated or broke up from love or money to spend some time in loneliness, people are scared to be lonely and feel terrible ,when nothing and no one is around, but please know that this ‘lonely time’ is most magnificent opportunity to turn your life into a blessing.

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose in bouts of ‘long time illness’- ‘break up’ and ‘financial breakdown’.
As in these times no one will be interested in you.
No one wants a person,hit by ‘misfortune’ around,only very selected few will come close to you, and they are the people whom ,you must register 
in your mind as- ‘only relations that matters’.
Here is a practice ,which will very soon turn turn your ‘sad times’ into ‘desired times’
1] As you wake up in morning-slowly focus upon sensation across your spinal cord from lower end of spinal cord to upper end of same cord.
2] This sensation is known as ‘KUNDLINI’- which contains all the power in universe to manifest anything you like.
3] 3 minutes everyday before you wake up and get to your routine is enough to bring all the harmony in your life.
4] Throughout the day remember to remember that, you got to observe your ‘thoughts’ ,as soon as any unpleasant thought appears go back to same sensation ,to which you got aligned in morning.
It will take 7 to 9 days to practice this ‘science’ of aligning your ‘unpleasant thoughts’ to ‘KUNDLINI Sensation.
Very Soon you’ll begin to experience the bliss, new ideas and new people around you- you’ll not need any sign -you’ll know that ‘NOW’ you have arrived-
This is known as aligning  Loneliness to KUNDLINI and manifesting desired life.

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