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Pilgrimage to Soulmate…..


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Throughout the life at all the places,we search for soul mates, but we found none and whom we found are not up to mark.Why?

Because we do not go to ‘pilgrim-where soul mates are manifested-as per our soul desire.

Where is this pilgrim?

This pilgrim is your heart?

Heart is the pilgrim where anything and everything can be manifested,inclusive of all the soul mates you need in different aspects of your life.

We first find the ‘love’ and then we try to convert our ‘lover’ as per our ‘soul image’.This is the shortest way to unhappiness and break ups.

Easiest way is to spend 15 minutes a day watching your Breathing.

your ‘breathing’ is life.

Through this breathing only your soul is connected to your body,moment you won’t breath ‘in’ or ‘out’ -this life and body will be called dead.

So be with this breathing,with a single thought of –

                 “I am now attracting my soul mate”

Please know that you do not need to ‘yourself’ what you want?

As your soul knows everything and your sub conscious holds the key to attract all the magnificence that you need to live in bliss.

More you are in bliss and harmony with your breath, more you’ll change circumstances and people around you-

This is simple key and ‘key spell’ to attract your ‘soul mate’.

Trust yourself,whatever you ‘have’ today -good or ‘not good’ is all attracted by you sub consciously and by KARMA-the moment you attune your sub conscious to ‘right’ path-it’ll bring all that you want to ‘manifest’-as your duty is only to think -what you want -and do not waste time on ‘what you do not want’-you want a soul mate ,so only want a soul mate -it’ll automatically tailor made for you- this is how successful ‘love at first site’ happens and keep on happening-as and when two people will be asking for perfaction- immediately they two will be brought face to face and ‘soul mate connection’ will take place.

This happens in NOW or this happens never…..So begin to manifest NOW..

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Recent Book by Author- Preview Link- “CRIMINAL BY CHOICE”

Link to all Books by Author


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