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Orbitury to Indian National Congress-Party of Losers &Jokers


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Nowhere in history of Democratic Politics ,you’ll find such a party with great past – shameful present and Blank future.

This is the time to mourn and offer condolences for a political party ,that was symbol of Indian freedom struggle and association with Mahatma Gandhi.

Today this seems to be like a club -full of jokers &Cronies of Gandhi family,which has already lost its significance in Indian Politics.

This party is nowhere in any Indian state and continuously kicked into oblivion by its own members and secretaries and Vice Presidents like Rahul Gandhi and utterly useless president like Soniya Gandhi.

This is only party  in whole world without any agenda,program,ideology or anything else to offer. What it offers is highly ridiculous statements against current PM and they keep on banging rotten drums of SECULARISM & INTOLERANCE in India.

Both are irrelevant – as India is most secure nation on planet even for most hated community like Muslims and no one,at least party like INC which was involved in massacre of minority SIKHS in 1984 can teach SECULARISM to Indians.

INC today is the story of what would have happened if USA would not have dumped political families like BUSH in trash bean of history.

Gandhi Family has a tradition of producing most childish and ridiculous leaders like Soniya Gandhi,Rahul Gandhi ,Digvijay Singh and Shashi Throor.

Other than BJP,this party makes alliance with every kind of political party,whether it is with CRIMINAL party’s or even most outdated communists.Its officially tallest leader Rahul Gandhi,goes and place his backing with students ,who commit shameless treason by chanting Anti Indian and Anti Indian Army slogans.

It’s hard to believe same party had produced leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose and Vallabh Bhai Ptel-flag bearers of Indian Freedom Struggle .

Party had MLA’S who are being sold and brought like vegetables in few states ,which are still ruled by INC.

This Party is a classic case study of what happens when any organization stops attracting talented people and power is centralized around a family full of purely worthless cronies.

So Rest in Peace & Pieces Indian National Congress.

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