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PUNJAB- The new “World Capital” of Drug Syndicates Sponsored by “Make In India” Brand BJP & INDIAN Politicians from 9 years


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June 2016
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The way Indian PM Narendra Modi is fast becoming friends of USA-day is not far when one of the fastest growing ‘drug addicted’ state PUNJAB will emerge on world crime Map as new Afghanistan & Columbia of Drugs.

By the way this state is jointly ruled by Narendra Modi’s party BJP along with tainted AKALI DAL,infamous for its 2 decade old marriage with Terrorism. 

Strangely enough at one hand BJP is a Hindu fundamentalist and AKALI DAL is Sikh Fundamentalist party but in last 9 years of their rule in PUNJAB ,state is developed as new ‘Logistics-Supply Chain and dangerously drug addicted state’ of India.

Being ,one of the most fun loving and richest farming state-Punjab is widely known for its love for ‘Liquor’ and ‘Canada’- 

The generation next of Punjabi generation X rich kids have brought ‘RAP PUB CULTURE’ from Canada and mixed it with Pakistan supplied Drugs-So Punjab is now breeding ground of third grade ‘Bhangda Rap’ along with a whole new generation of Thoroughly Stupid -Drug addicts driving shabbily around small towns like JALANDHAR,LUDHIYANA and AMRITSAR.

              Height of Ignorance of MODI Government at center and State is that a chief Ministers sun in law is being summoned by Enforcement Directorate and named as biggest accused in Drug Paddling but he is roaming free respectfully as Drug Lord.

Government is so desperate to save its skin and continue to protect the ‘Drug Lords’ that it even tried to almost chop off a film ‘UDTA PUNJAB[means Flying Punjab on same subject].

It is not possible that MODI in his 7 USA  tours in last 2 years to establish himself next crony of US Presidents like former British PM Tony Blair is having any time to look into this issue and save ,once most fertile farming state of India from becoming breeding ground of new age South Asian Drug Syndicate and Pakistan sponsored victim of ‘Drug War’.

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