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Even While Killing you,I can’t Hate You….


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June 2016
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Dedicated to Mass Murderer at Orlando and MP Jo Cox killer in UK. How can we hate them,even if they break in and shoot madly..as they are also our ‘own’,Killing them might be a necessity but will we be able to hate them,otherwise Terrorism will succeed..

Even If you enter and fire at

one and all

It is clear that

You hate us for no reason

As ‘reason’ and ‘sense’ is something that you buried deep in your stupidity

One of you kill dancing human to celebrate your “HOLY WAR”

And another shoots mother of two Jo Cox to celebrate your “NATIONALITY”

With different names and intentions -you’ve always appeared on pages of History

To Remind us

How Lunatic we can be

You want us to hate our neighbor-who belong to your cast or creed

And in return want them to hate us

You are mistaken

It was never so

It can not be ever

As you have ashamed your Mother

Others won’t

You have ashamed cast-creed and nation you belong

Your Brothers and Sisters won’t

You died as ‘human’ when you fired

Jo Cox lived in her death for the ‘purpose’ she lived and you killed her

We won’t ever be able to  hate you

Even when ,I am needed to shoot you tomorrow

I will shade tears

Because there was some fault in us while bringing you up

And We’ll mourn that ‘mistake’

And shower you blessings

As you are  one of us

A Human being with all attributes and short comings..


[“CRIMINAL BY CHOICE”  by Anirudh Dhodapkar is dedicated to Global syndicated Terrorism and to youngsters who are trying to come out of schools and cults of Mass Murder,whether it is Human trafficking,Mafia or Terrorism-today all are inter connected while Humanity is divided.]

Link to CRIMINAL BY CHOICE and all Self Healing Books by Aanirudh Dhodapkar

Link to Blog by Anirudh Dhodapkar

– See more at: https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Poetry/39745#sthash.Jw


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