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Germany,China,Israel are needed to take Leadership and USA/USSR are to take rest in ‘War Against Terrorism”


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June 2016
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War against Terror is not possible for USA or USSR to win alone.

History of USA is history of losing wars in spite of having best of everything. Most of the Terrorists groups that USA is fighting against are its old friends. So USA is has lost all moral rights to lead this war. This war is in fact can’t be led by any one or two countries,as roots of Terrorism is everywhere in world and now Terror network is connected with top leadership and election financiers in most of the so called Democratic Countries.

One of the best example are the parties and leaders, who always speak of ‘fighting’ against Terrorism and take next flight to UAE, otherwise what is the need for every outgoing President to visit UAE King and every incoming Presidential candidate like Hilary Clinton to be well connected with UAE, without bothering about the fact that there is a ‘classified undisclosed information Dossier’ against UAE’S role in 9/11 attack.

You need Israeli crudeness, German toughness and Chinese cheapness to enter from backdoor and destroying enemy, US intelligence has a history of stupidest failures like attacking Iraq for “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and training Taliban and right now fighting by wearing batches of Syrian Terrorist Group,which is fighting against ISIS.

USA certainly need rest from this uninvited responsibility of becoming world leader, let countries like Israel,Germany and China take lead in this war, otherwise what is the use of NATO,UNO and all that phony organizations created to maintain world peace.

World need to create a United Front and stop depending upon phony organizations for so called world peace,which are being proven as costly COWS good for nothing but draining money.

Just think of it why CHINA,GERMANY or ISRAEL is not part of War against Terror?

USA &USSR both must give up old stubbornness and take everyone together,if all are serious about ending Terror networks and not to strengthen them by being divided.

Whereas these countries have most sophisticated mindset to fight Terrorism.

[CRIMINAL BY CHOICE is dedicated to unification of Global Terrorism and division of Democratic world,leaving behind youngsters of youth as Victims of Global Crime syndicates and mass murders on streets.]

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