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Healing The Love Life…..


[13] Healing the Love Life-

Love is what keeps us alive.
Love is the most important reason to live.
The day Love is over –body- mind and soul are diseased and we pave the way towards death.
So what is to be taken care of is Love.
Never leave the Love.
Any price is cheap to keep love in life.
Love is what makes life worth living.
Our first responsibility is to love ourselves.
So first thing that we need to teach ourselves is to love the most important person in this universe- “I”.
Everything else in our life is extension of –“I’
So to heal everything in our life, we need to heal Love in all aspects of life.
As we wake up to the moment we close our eyes to sleep- we need to bless and love everything that we use.

We generally forget to bless Life- Air- Water –Food- Money.
Most of the thankless people we come across in life of manifestation of our thanklessness in different forms.
Our circumstances reflect that how much we have been thankful to divine gifts like life, water, food, air, parents, lover, husband, children and friends etc.
Are we grateful for the sex we enjoy?
Are we grateful for great dates?
Are we grateful for romance?
Are we grateful for……………..
Gratitude is the only value we need to imbibe to receive love and heal any emotional or physical pain.
If we are grateful than we will attract circumstances to be grateful, if we are not we will attract opposite.
We have taken our society, nation, religious faith as granted and see world is full of young people who give a damn to all these things.
Mistake began with us and now we have become a complaint register for our own youngsters.

And same with youngsters- habits of taking everything for granted increased distance between parent and children.
We call this generation gap.
In fact this is a gratitude gap.
If you wish to increase Love in all aspects of your life and wish to be surrounded by lovely people- just train yourself to find gratitude in whatever you do and whatever you receive.
It is life and we are needed to be tough with someone somewhere but always remember- we are not going to think ill while being tough.
It comes by practice and experience not to hate anyone.
More we focus upon appreciation than criticism we are surely headed for a great life.
People who are surrounded by Lovely relationships live happily hereafter and gradually they become divine as they understand basic law of universe – Love.
Whenever we are in Love affair or marriage we must not forget to pray together-
We must just hold hands and pray for togetherness.
As a parent we must hold hands with our children and pray for togetherness.
If you do so for few days, no one will hide anything from anyone as they are bound by supreme act of confidence- that is Prayer and Love.

Think Love
Give Love
Receive Love…

Whenever we are in Love affair or marriage we must not forget to pray together-
We must just hold hands and pray for togetherness, you will realize value of togetherness only when other half will not be there.
What is the use of remembering someone fondly when they have left the party, fun is to enjoy the party together and enjoy it NOW.
Do not postpone your “I love you” and “How much I love you” for tomorrow, Love always like there is no tomorrow.
If we practice to Love Now, we will always have plenty of opportunity to love and to be loved or else circumstances will keep postponing love to tomorrow.
People miss their children when children grow up- instead of enjoying grown up children NOW.
What were you doing when children were growing up and whatever time you had?
You were searching happiness elsewhere- that was the time children needed you- Now you miss them when children have left to the world and to make new relations.
So never let this moment pass without loving.
Life is so small that there is no scope for regrets, so do not do anything which may cause regret tomorrow.
At the Life is an ongoing party every day and night if you do not forget to Love and Pray every day because that will make your life complete.
So heal the Love life and Love in Life NOW.

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