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Mastering The Day—-


Mastering the Day—

It all begins with how u master your Day- Do you allow your day and circumstances to ride you or you ride circumstances.
It all begins as you are about to open your eyes.
Feel your Body from Top to Toe and top to toe,
just feel the vibrations,
These are the Vibrations ,
Now mentally focus upon Third Eye or point between your eyebrows,this is the sit of your subconscious mind-
Now as you are focused here- just affirm how you wish to go ahead in the day-
All the fears that you have – just mentally replace fears with results you want,you are the most powerful person on earth ,as this time you are awakening your power of subconscious mind-
Do this and rest for few minutes…
Now go ahead and face the day..
This is how Mystics and Spell casters work- more you practice this- more experience and confidence you gather-

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