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Your Body is a temple and everything that you need to know and need to have is right here.Power is known as KUNDLINI.

In spite of numerous methods and spiritual practices- this is the easiest source of power that is available.

You don’t need any Master or Teacher,you just need practice and KUNDLINI guides you spontaneously to path of success in any desired aspect of life.



Sit Straight Keeping your  spinal chord straight, anywhere- just remember that your feet  not touching the ground directly,wear the woolen socks and sit on woolen blanket or cloth.


began to feel across your spinal cord.

From Root of spinal to where it ends on joint of upper and middle body and from their straight to CROWN of your head-the last point of your physical existence in this world.


After some time you will feel vibrations and some will feel current like energy flow- you are just needed to travel across spine from bottom to top and top to bottom -this means your complete focus on this travel, by the way once you begin to focus here , you will not be able to think anything else.

Do this practice 9 minutes in one schedule as and when you want for 7 days-after that 9 minutes morning as you wake up and 9 minutes before you lie down for sleep.

Within 90 days,you will see solutions appear and you are instinctively guided to manifestation.

This is ‘master practice’ for all those suffering from Depression in any non critical or critical or chronic stage.


Transform ‘Low and Sick’ feeling to ‘High and Healthy’-This is the way

It is agonizing,that you wake up a day feeling low,sick,depressed without or with a reason like news of chronic disease to a loved one.

After this we continue to fall in loop of such nasty feeling throughout the day and maybe longer.

Let’s transform this to well being,to absolute bliss.

Here is a scary event either already took place or about to take place.

Cry,Shout,swear- do whatever comes as first reaction-do not try holding it-do not

try to be brave,just throw out everything that you wish to discard.

It may take 30 minutes or three or 13 days to be empty-take it.

There comes a divine intersection after this ,when you are absolutely empty-devoid of any grief,fear or anger.

This moment will be so qualm that you could sense divinity within you.

Say,Pray,affirm nothing.

Transformation has happened.Now take your focus to center of heart and visit there as a rule as you are about to enter in sleep and as you open your eyes to new day.

Try and Experience and be your own source of Transformation.

[Book Excerpts- “Manifest Desired Life”]





“Silent Love” is Manifesting Power,Rest are Procsses

Whatever you need or want,there is only one power that manifests it-that is Love.So begin with being deeper and deeper in love,one at a time with all that you seek.

When we do not know ,which process among thousands available to adopt to heal a disease or need,instead of wandering in physical world,enter in depths of  Silence’once you begin to attune with your own self, you are guided to healing the issue,which you need to resolve,even people and teachers will be directed to come and teach you ,prescribed healing processes.

Find a corner in outer or inner world,Be there on 3 intersections of day-morning,afternoon,evening for minimum 10 minutes and begin to envision your desired result.With every passing session you will be ONE with your purpose.

It is Just being in love and doing nothing else.

Gradually manifestation happens,as “Stamp of Truth is simplicity”.

[Book Excerpts-“Manifest Desired Life”-Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar]

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PRANAYAM works-When Everything else fails

PRANAYAM works always for better and better critical /chronicle  disease because it its.

based upon universal life force,that is BREATH.

Nothing else but applying this universal power for a physical body and its Aura is crux of our well being.

Best thing is -you are divinely guided ,once you begin to practice regular 5 to 8 Basic Practices divinely,Books,Teachers,Masters,angels unknown people come and tell you,where you are going wrong or what you need to do.

Fact is most of Doctors,who are not prescribing it,are practicing it.

Thanks to internet /social media revolution-beginning steps are available.

If you are stuck in a  Diagnosed Chronic/Critical disease, silently enter into PRANAYAMA by simply observing your breath[“From where every breath coming and going”-VIPASSANA-]and this will begin your journey to complete healing.

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